2012 Season Begins!


The club is resuming training for all Senior levels:   Men and Women train Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30.  All welcome.

Good turnout last evening with 21 male players. Good to see that Mark Boyd, John Dubiel, Peter Budina, Mike Roberts and Josh Hart will be out this Spring playing for the club. Coach Murray and Dukelow were was quite upbeat about the training session. There are also some other top level players who have expressed interest in playing this Spring…so stay tuned.

The numbers are still a bit low for the two men’s sides we are putting out, so this is a call to all players wanting to participate to come out to training next Tuesday. The women had 11 out last night and after speaking with them, are upbeat about increasing numbers and the season ahead.

The Board would like to see 44 men and 22 women out to training sessions. This would fully compliment the 3 senior teams. We have 60 Senior players currently registered, so the players are out there…just need to come out to training.

The club will have a men’s fixture next Saturday (Jan. 21) up in Port Alberni in order to shake out the legs, break the ice and get a move onto the season opener on Feb 4th.

Future for the Club at the Senior Level

The BCRU is looking to perhaps restructure the leagues for the fall, and we are hoping for a Sept-May schedule (one season)

There is a feeling that a major restructure like what is proposed cannot see clubs being placed in leagues based only on their Spring 2012 play.

We resolved at last nights board meeting to make it known that due to many factors, Cowichan RFC will endeavor to enter a team in the Premiership this coming fall.

With the potential league restructure, it is felt that the Tier 1 or Premier League may be single game fixtures. For the past 10 years the Premier league requires that you have two teams and the 2 team have to travel and play the opposition 2 teams for every fixture. If they go to the single team fixture system, Cowichan can easily field that 1 top team.

Making our intentions known now is to allow our players on other clubs to remain optimistic that the club is planning for a go once again in the top league. Many have said if we return to the top league they will come home to play at Cowichan.

We are basing our reasoning for being in the top league as Cowichan is an all around club that contributes a tremendous amount to the BC Rugby community and therefore cannot be discounted. We believe that how it is determined who gets to play in the top league, if the league is restructured, should not be based on the win/loss column from this Spring considering how the current system favors only a few advantaged clubs.

We feel that all clubs should need to apply to play in the league as we are ALL equal partners. The BCRU Board should then decide on what member clubs would be in based on, but limited to,

-Club stability
-Contributions to rugby (ie: Mini, junior, women’s and Recreational opportunities at any given club)
-Success’ not just in Tier 1 rugby
-Ability to host
-Demographics. (decentralize top level rugby and move it to areas where top level rugby should be played…following other successful BC Sports like Junior Football, BCJHL, Lacrosse and soccer)

Cowichan RFC, with it’s intention of playing in the Premier league this fall, needs to get it done on the field!

If we can place highly in Tier 2 this Spring…ie win the thing…Cowichan’s entry into the Premiership should be sealed. A championship in Tier 2 would forsake any administrative “wranglings” to enter into the Premiership as it’s hard to deny the Champion.

The Tier 2 League is actually very competitive this Spring with 5 of the 6 clubs involved all being Premiership clubs in the last 3 years. The level of competition will be very close to Tier 1.

We are asking all players with a bit of green and black running in their veins to come back to with a purpose of making this Spring season a success. This will be the launching pad for our re-entry into the top league this fall! Once in…they will never bounce us out.

Come play and support the Piggies! Home grown atmosphere, top coaching and that traditional Rugby “Club” feeling!

There also seems to be an upswing in the local logging industry and with that it appears as though more good jobs are becoming available in the Valley. Only last evening there was talk of 2 very good opportunities in the area for employment. Great news for the players and the club.

Spread the good word and make it difficult for others to cut Cowichan out of the picture. Be positive and upbeat! Welcome everyone and shun no-one…..Our goal is to once again see top level fixtures at the club with 1000 people sitting in the stands.

We would like club members to remain optimistic and positive about the club and rugby. We do expect support from our brethren VIRU clubs on this.

Love Your Club?  Help Your Club!

With what is planned we are looking for help from non-players. The executive is currently doing 3-4 jobs each and if this workload can be lessened, we can concentrate on better serving the club at the administrative/executive level.

We are looking for people who can:

-do handyman work around the club.
-run a lawn mower
-run a line painter
-auxiliary people to help Ed inside the clubhouse.
-grounds people and grounds cleanliness
-help with concession
-help with after game meals
-become Manager for Senior Men.
-someone to organize and schedule most of the above

-Gord McGeachy is heading up the playground committee and is working hard to bring back a certified play area for the kids.  Those interested please contact Gord.
-New grandstands are in the works and planned for the future


This schedule is posted on the – see the Calendar.

The first games will be February 4th with the Men in Richmond and the Women in Nanaimo.

February 11th will be our first home match, hosting Rowers

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