2015 Begins!

Week 2 of the Fall 2015 season sends both Piggie Senior Teams to Comox RFC.

The gals kick-off at 11:30 am and the guys kick off at 1:00 pm*.

*Exhibition/3rds game

1st Division Women vs Westshore Velox

15 Cowichan – 29 Westshore

Last weekend the ladies hosted the newly branded Westshore Velox in their season and home opener. This part of the season mixes Island Premier and 1st Division sides. The ladies hosted Velox – now Westshore – is loaded with Canadian players, though less so now that Castaway-Wanderers have reestablished a Premier Women’s program, and were undefeated last season. One could easily expected the historically one-side scores to continue… but someone forgot to tell our girls that’s how it was ‘supposed to go’

Cowichan fought hard, defended their goal line tirelessly and kept the game close all the way through. At one point in the game, the Piggies were within 5 but experience and the heat took it’s toll. Though they didn’t pull off the upset, they finished strong scoring the final try of the game, after several phases.

1st Division Men vs UVic Norseman

20 Cowichan – 55 Noreseman

The guys traveled to UVic on the weekend to take on the UVic Norseman, who were Library Square finalist last season.

The game started with a bang, with the Piggies scoring within minutes of the opening kick-off. The first 20 minutes both teams traded tries but from that point, fitness and numbers took it’s toll and the Norse’s ran away with the game.

The Piggies did rally in the end and managed finish the game with a try to secure a bonus point. Last season bonus points were key in the final standings so securing them early and often may be vital.

VIRU Feature Match

Each week the VIRU is going to profile a ‘feature’ match on the Island.  This weekend’s feature match information is below:

VIRU Feature Game - 09/19/15

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