2018 Award Winners

The 2018 award winners were handed out last weekend.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Women’s 1st XV

MVP – Tyson Beukeboom

Best Forward – Kaelyn Palmer

Best Back – Angie Davis

Men’s 1st XV

MVP –  Noah Dobson 

Best Forward  – Kieran Lauridsen 

Best  Back –  Danny Hamstra 

Most Improved Forward – Bruce Moss

Most Improved Back – Owen Wood 

Sportsmanship – Sean Williams 

Players 15 –  Robin Gusse 

Junior Rookie – Colten Smith / Haele Ferguson 

Junior Senior Legend – Louis Gudmundseth  

Bulldozer – Louis Gudmundseth


Kaikohe Award

The Kaikohe Award is named for the town Kaikohe New Zealand, sister city to Duncan.  The statue was presented by a delegation to the City of Duncan in the 60s to then Mayor Jack Dobson. At some point, the statue made it’s way to the rugby club and has been the symbol of our service award every since.*  

This year, for the first time, the winner is not an single individual but two individuals and their company who have given the club tremendous support through the creation of their amazing beer and keg sponsorship program.

The Liz and Lance Steward have been strong CRFC supporters for years.  With the launch of Red Arrow and the amazing Piggy Pale Ale, Liz and Lance took their support to the next level.  The financial support from Red Arrow has been vital to the club in the last few years, but it’s so much more.  Having our green and black, Piggy brand carried on the label of this amazing product take Piggy Pride to the next level!  The keg sponsorship program has helped supporters and alumni contribute to the club from near and far in the easiest possible way.  

For these reasons, Cowichan Rugby is proud to add Liz and Lance Steward / Red Arrow Brewing as the 2018 Kaikohe winners.

*Thanks to Ian Milne and Anne Murray for the history on the Kaikohe.  The story is somewhat incomplete.  If anyone has more information, please send Denise an email to fill in the gaps!

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