BC Champions – 1st Division Women

To begin, the ladies wish to send their deepest thanks to everyone that was at the Club Saturday morning to tidy the place up; to Angie Gudmundseth and crew for the delicious food (it wouldn’t have had the same if the game were someplace else); to Andrew (Boner), Louis, Dan, Ian for serving us the dinner; to Michelle Evans for singing O Canada; to Guy Shockey for bringing the stereo system; to Stan Dubiel for video taping the game; to Gudy for doing the gate; and to Granny for getting the game at home.  We also want to thank SUN FM for promoting the game on the radio, the Cowichan News Leader and The Citizen for all the press.  Truthfully, the list can go on forever and forgive any omission.  But most importantly, we just can’t say enough THANK YOUS to the amazing fans that came out and cheered us on.

So onto the match… Wow what a whirlwind!  As per tradition, Nanaimo scored first – it was off a lucky bounce, Cowichan got penalized for offside, Nanaimo attempted to kick the ball into touch but it didn’t make it; however their full back snatched the ball off the bounce and went into score.   A sneaky set play or a fortuitous bounce?  We may never know. Nanaimo’s try was converted, it was 7-0 for the Hornets.

From there, the game went back and forth.  The Piggies knew if they could keep the score down in the first 20min and wear down the bigger Nanaimo pack, they’d have the game – and that’s precisely what they did.  In true Cowichan fashion, the hard working forwards were solid in the scrums, rucks and line-outs, and this effort delivered clean ball for Marika Posehn, who in turn sent the speedy backs off on huge runs, while providing support to one another all over the pitch.

The opening try came from Cassy Stevens, who after supporting Kara Galbraith on one of her many great runs, took the ball in to make it 7-5.  Before anyone on the sidelines had time to let out a sigh of relief, did Carolyn break free.  With the support of one of the most mobile Cowichan props in recent memory, Captain Sherry scored the second try of the game. Caity Genereaux converted and the Piggies moved ahead 12-7.

After a sustained period of attack, Nanaimo tied the game with a try in the corner – uncover ted.  The half ended in a tie, 12-12.

Just as Nanaimo opened the first half with a quick try, so did Cowichan in the 2nd half with a mighty run from Kara G making it 17-12.  Shortly thereafter, Carolyn was rewarded with a try from one of her amazing break out runs (there were so many really) to make it 22-12.  The Piggies started to pull away… or so we thought.  Nanaimo, with an impressive crowd behind them, were not done.  After several phases, Nanaimo scored out wide to close the gap to 22-17.

It is truly difficult to explain the battle level between this two teams at this point of the game.  Both side hammered away at each other at mid field.  Inches and feet were gained, yet yards were lost.  Tackles were made, big and small, but all critical.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of rucking and mauling, Nenagh popped out of the pack, scrambled down field for about 40 yards, where, as she was being hauled down by a couple of Hornets, made a beautiful off-load to Carolyn who hammered in the final nail into Nanaimo’s coffin.  Caity G converted to bring the score to 29-17.

And there is stayed.

Your 2011-2012 BCRU 1st Division Women’s Champions, by a score of 29-17, Cowichan RFC. The effort on the day was utterly complete.  There was no one specific player of game, there were 22 Green and Black players of the game, everyone did their job, stayed positive, and worked extremely hard.  Even the fantastic ladies who didn’t get in had an enormous roll in this win.  The hard work paid off, for the PERFECT season of 2011-2012.

Big cheers goes to Taffy for his dedication to the team, Muc, Guy, and Cos for coming out and helping.

Cowichan’s BC Championship History

Just thought everyone would like a quick glance at the championship history of the best club in BC:

1936-37: Bantam Boys

1964: U19 Men

1980: U19 Men

1984: U14 Boys

1997: U19 Men

1994-95: 3rd Div Men

1996-97: Premier Division Men

1997-98: Premier Division Men

1997-98: 2nd Division Men

1998-99: 3rd Division Men

1999-2000: 3rd Division Men

2000-01: 3rd Division Men

2001-02: 3rd Division Men

2001-02: U14 Boys

2002-03: 3rd Division Men

2003: U16 Boys

2003: U18 Women

2003: U19 Men

2003-04: 3rd Division Men

2004: U16 Boys

2004: U18 Women

2004: U19 Men

2004-05: 3rd Division Men

2006: U18 Women

2006: U16 Boys

2007: U16 Boys

2007: U18 Women

2006-07: 3rd Division Men

2007-08: 1st Division Women

2008-09: 1st Division Women

2008-09: U16 Boys

2009: U18 Women

2010: U18 Women

2011-12: 1st Div Women

Note of explanation: Junior age group seasons often (but not always) only occur in the fall or spring of a given year vs. Senior teams which span the fall and spring.

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