Double Header Saturday

Games this Weekend:  Saturday, February 14

3rd Division Men vs Castaway-Wanderers: 12 noon k/o @ Piggie Park
1st Division Men vs Castaway-Wanderers: 1:00 pm k/o @ Piggie Park

This weekend the Piggies will play another old VIRU foe in Castaway-Wanderers.  It’s been several years since CW has made the trek to the Piggie Dome – since we were last in the Premier division, which has been a few years now.  

In any event, the weather forecast is for sun and a balmy 11 degrees for this Valentine’s double date – I mean, double header against CW.  

The 1st Division Men’s game is a Times Cup competition game but as the UVic Norseman have already secured up that title with their win over the Piggies a few weeks back, this match will be ‘official’ but more of a practice/try-stuff-out kind of a game.    

CW is at the bottom of the Ceili now Library Square Cup (honestly, changed in the last 2 weeks) competition.  As the BCRU is shut down for the Vegas 7s, and their Premier side idle, it will be interesting to see what type of team CW brings and how the Piggie will match up.  

You may have noticed the game times are an hour apart, the 3rd division game will be a shortened game as it’s exhibition.  If anyone wants to lace up the boots tomorrow, both teams would welcome more bodies – be at the Club by 11:00 am! Please contact Kim if you’re interested. 

Game Report

1st Division Men 31 vs UVic Saxons 5

Last weekend UVic sent up their Saxons team to play an exhibition games against the Piggies.  The Saxons are not participating in any league but the UVic program is so rich with players, the had enough to send a side up for an exhibition match.  A problem that most clubs would like to have, no doubt.

Coach Gord took the opportunity to mix up the line up a bit and started three 18 year olds in the pack.  The Piggie tradition of strong forwards continues!

3rd Division Men 30 vs Comox/Powell River 27

At last our mighty 3rds have returned to action!  Last weekend they hosted (and supplemented) a combined team from Comox/Powell River.  The Piggies fell behind 27-0 at the half and came rooting back to win 30-27!

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