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This Weekend’s Matches

Saturday, March 8th

1st Division Women: Cowichan vs Britannia Lions @ Herd Rd. KO @ 11:30am

1st Division Men: Cowichan vs Comox @ Herd Rd. KO @ 1:00pm
Sunday, March 9th

3rd Div Men: Cowichan vs Castaway Wanderers @ Herd Rd. KO @ 1:00

This Past Weekend 

Women’s 1st Div match vs Meralomas was cancelled due to snow.

2nd Division Men

The Club’s Men’s sides had away games last weekend down in Victoria.  Initially our 2nd XV was to play the Velox 3rd Div side; however players were in short supply down in the Kingdom of Velox as they had two other men’s fixtures on the day.  Instead, the 2nds were switched off to play the U-Vic Saxons at U-Vic’s Wallace Field.

In spite of the snow and blustery weather, it was good for our 2nd XV to play a very competitive side in the U-Vic Saxons coached by long time Cowichan lad, Robin McDowell. Many of us were anticipating a shortage of bodies on the U-Vic side as the Vikes and Norsemen were over on the Mainland playing Burnaby – not even close. Holy Cow – the Saxons showed up with 35 players – enough for two teams in most VIRU Clubs.  Great to see so many enthusiastic young players charging around.

Cowichan had 18 players on hand for the game, a shortened bench due to several players being unavailable due to work, travel, exams and injury.

2nd XV Roster:

1:Andrew McPherson

2: Ryan Spooner

3: Rogi Young

4: Bruce Moss

5: Kim Anderton

6: Ryan Mcavena

7: Darren Olden

8: Germain Lamothe (I)

9: Cam Jervis

10: Cam Hall

11: Pat Large

12: Sean Williams

13: Antonio Corbin

14: Mike Franson

15: Jordan Weisner

16: Sam Anderson

17: Guy Shockey

The game went well for both sides. Doug Tait’s boy was playing at #10 for U-Vic and he was quite useful. Cowichan went up 12-0 then 12-5 at the half. Cowichan scored 2 more tries making it 22-5.  Then U-Vic, as our guys wore down and their fresh numbers, scored in succession from the 60 minute mark on to tie the match.  We had a few injuries (lots of cramping due to the bitter cold?) that saw us drop down below 15 players so U-Vic loaned us a few boys near the end of the game.

All in all a good outing for both teams. We got a hard game in and the Saxons got their young guys into a good game.

1st Division Men

The 1st XV men between Velox and Cowichan was much anticipated.  Both sides are pretty good with each fielding some top level players. Cowichan went in realizing we had a hill to climb as the last time the teams met, it was sloped against the Piggies to the tune of 27-3.

1st XV Roster:

1: Malcolm Sacht

2: Gregor Grantham

3: Dan James

4: Louis Gudmundseth (C)

5: Ty Jones

6: Pat Fraser

7: Ian Manly

8: Rob McDonnell

9: Danny Hamstra

10: Carlin Hamstra

11: David Cowie

12: Andrew Gudmundseth

13: Gabe Farrell (I)

14: Owen Wood

15: Peter Budina

16: Germain Lamothe (I)

Away: Russell Robertson, Mike Rea, Jenner Teufel, Will Wheaton, Mike Needham, Andrew Wright, George Bantin, Chad Evans and Arron Fisher.

The game was played on Velox field which they call the “Beach” as it’s basically 80% sand with a few blades of grass.  It was in fairly decent shape though and fortunately the rains had held off.  Cowichan held the balance of play for most of the game and simply could not finish 5-6 forays into the near red zone with points. Velox ended up scoring first on their one and only venture offensively into the Cowichan end.  The half ended 5-0 for Velox.

The second half saw Cowichan gain possession and power over for try scored by Louis Gudmundseth.  The convert was missed making the score 5-5.  Cowichan continued to apply a ton of pressure throughout and any offensive thrust by Velox was turned aside by the very hard hitting Piggies.  Cowichan scored their second try at about the 55 minute mark on a nice offload to Peter Budina who touched the ball down between the posts. Owen Wood converted for the 12-5 score to Cowichan.

From this point, Cowichan missed on several other opportunities to score, including a missed penalty kick that would have normally been made.  Velox near the end of the game breached what was a sturdy defence for the second time and were able to scamper in for their second try. Convert made. 12-12. The game ended in a tie.

Cowichan used only one off the bench (Lamothe in for Jones at the half) and Velox used all their replacements.  Lots of points left on the table on the day and I know the players were angry at themselves for not finishing the game off when they had the chances.  Nonetheless, as one of the players said after the game, “This is only the second time this bunch of guys has played together, we’ll clean up the mistakes and move forward.”

Man of the Match for Cowichan was #15 Peter Budina.

I was very impressed with the level of play on both sides of the field.  Cowichan was missing some top players on the day and we look forward to their inclusion back into the lineup for that all important team depth for the run into the championship round.

Cowichan’s 1st Div team sits uncomfortably in 2nd place, 4 points behind Velox and 1 point up on Nanaimo and 3 points up on the Black Sheep from Port Alberni.  Very tight race. Every game is very important.  After this weekend’s game vs Comox, Cowichan will host Nanaimo and it has been determined that this game will be a double points game to make up for the cancelled game a few weeks back. This could potentially see 10 points swing in the standing for either us or Nanaimo, so big game it is!

The full standing can be found on the BCRU Website


VIRU Meeting Wed March 12th at 6:30 at the Rugby Canada offices. Topics-Registration Issues; Seattle perhaps earning their way to promotion to the Premier League and one of the options is the 3 Victoria Premier Clubs may opt out of Premier and play in a League on the Island.

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