Game Cancellations

Unsurprisingly, the weather has forced the closures of municipal fields all over the Island…. except Piggie Park- we never close!

The following games are cancelled:

Saturday, October 15:

2nd Division Women @ Comox Kickers
Premier Women @ Castaway-Wanderers (to be rescheduled)

Sunday, October 16

Mini Rugby Jamboee @ Nanaimo RFC (to be rescheduled)

The following games are proceeding as scheduled:

Saturday, October 15:

1st Division Men vs Port Alberni Black Sheep, 1:00 pm k/o

Sunday, October 16

U16 Boys vs JBAA, 1:00 pm k/o

Unknown at this time:

Sunday, October 16

U18 Boys @ Castaway-Wanderers, 2:30 pm

Information will be shared when know.

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