Game Report – April 9th – Updated

Weekend Results 
1st Div. Men: Cowichan 20 vs Vancouver Rowing Club 17
2nd Div. Men: Cowichan 26 vs Vancouver Rowing Club 12
1st Div. Women: Cowichan 20 vs UBC 0 (by default)

This past weekend saw Cowichan continue it’s winning ways by taking two games from the Vancouver Rowing Club. Last year the Rowers upended Cowichan at Brocktonin both games so this go around, the Piggies were looking for redemption.
Both clubs are trying to move up the standings in the 1st Division so this past weekend was crucial for the push for a playoff spot. The Rowers arrived via the Piggie bus with almost two full sides and Cowichan fielded almost two full sides on the day. The story of the game was one of “letting the opposition off the hook” Cowichan clearly had the edge in play, particulary in the scrimmaging department and line-outs. Cowichan’s scrums were devastating and I think during the game the Rowers won only one of their own put ins (from which they scored off) as the push from Cowichan had them going backwards in leaps and bounds.

1st Division Men
Dan James scored the first try for Cowichan off a maul and Andrew Gudmundseth slotted the convert.  Rowers slotted a penalty to make it 7-3 when Cowichan was awarded a penalty and Andrew again slotted the difficult kick to make it 10-3.  The half ended with Cowichan holding the momentum.
JT Rowbottomcame in in the second half and his presssence was felt early on with a nice bashing run from his center position and over under the posts for the score. Convert made, score 17-3.  The Rowers scrambled about and were able to capitalize off Cowichan’s lack oifdiscipline around the breakdown and subsequently the momentum seemed to change.  Cowichan righted the ship somewhat and started to charge and looked to be in control while moving forward at great pace in the forwards when an inadvertant knock on ended up in the Rowers hands and all of a sudden they were knocking on the door.  A set piece was awarded to the Rowers on Cowichan’s 18m line, and the way it was going, Cowichan would end up with the ball.  I think this was the thinking as the Rowers actually ended up with their own put in and seemed to catch the Piggies off guard, thinking offence.  The Rowers #8 easily picked up went in for the score. 17-10 for Cowichan.  The game continued with the Rowers desparately trying everything to catch up and in doing so again caught Cowichan napping and were able to score a nice try and conversion to tie the game at 17.  Immediately after the kick-off, with everyone biting their nails, Cowichan’s Peter Budina secured a lose ball coughed up by the opposition and slotted the game winning drop goal from about the 30m line.  It barely went over the bar, but sure enough it had enough on it to secure the three points.  The game fizzled about for the last 5 minutes and the final whistle went to secure the victory 20-17, Cowichan’s 3rd in a row.

2nd Division Men
The 2nd XV saw many players who normally play 3rd Div rugby.  Anthony Rukus had a tremendous match and scored some nice trys from his wing position.  Dennis Murphy was able to marshall the youngsters for most of the game and he himself had a top notch performance in all areas. Cowichan won this contest 26-12 after being up 26-0 at one point. Good game.

Rugby at it’s Best

The club was VERY busy until the Rowers left at about 7:45.  Thanks to the girls for putting on the steak, prawns and crab feast for our visitors and homefolk alike.  The Rowers were very appreciative at the Cowichan hospitality and many did not want to leave!  The highlight of the evening had to be the pie eating contest that included Bob McDonald in amongst all the young guys.
Great rugby day and the way it should be!

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