Game Report, January 28 & 29

The 50th year of Piggie Rugby begins!

1st Division Men

Thrilled with the Cowichan 19 that braved the mythical Hump sans bus to do battle against the Black Sheep of Port Alberni.  Together with Pam, Muc, Granny, Rhonda, Anne, Caleb and Ian we jumped on the bus for a three hour cruise, a three hour cruise, but before the time it takes to sing this bus is bound for glory we were broken down partially blocking the entranceway.Dumping the Band and their equipment to make extra space, we piled into vehicles and pooled to Port.

Gametime saw a frenetic pace by the sheep that was turned back time and again by the crunching tackles of the Black and Green.  Quashing the initial Port barrage the Pigs were able to gain possession, Budina making a cheeky little break thru the center pairing, then hoofing a perfectly weighted kick to in goal for a fleet footed Hart 5-0 Cowichan.

Horror, McLeod down with an ankle injury. I look to the bench and what do I see four 1st division virgins eager to please.  With strict instructions from the Pres not to blood the fruit of his loins in the front row, Olsen from flank to hook Grantham to flank for her maiden voyage.Game resumes and once again the Irish Houdini appears on the goal side of the defence, with one man to beat he pulls the newly installed flanker out of his hat, 2-on-1 and before you can say chip off the old block Grantham in the corner 10-0 Cowichan.

McLeod having been strapped by Pam requests re-entry ,Grantham out Olsen to flank McLeod to hook.

Port scores and on ensuing kickoff Sutherland after a boshing tackle comes off with an upper body injury,McCullough to 2nd row, the first of the Spooners ,Ryan on the flank for his inaugural stint.  After numerous bone jarring tackles by Spooner, Boyd, Bones and Budina the half comes to an end Pigs 10 – Sheep 7.

The second half saw the installation of Taylor on the wing for McBride and Spooner, Jeremy for Spooner, Ryan on the flank and while I would describe Ryan as a fine tackler big bro Spooner was equal to the task and over the next 20 minutes put the fear of Christ into every Black Sheep scrummager who dared lay a hand on the ball at 14 stone on the hoof and barely able to see over a steering wheel he would make a believable bowling ball at next years Halloween Bash.

After much toing and froing, ball is gathered by Hart with much of the paddock to cover, deftly swerving thru numerous defenders and with only the tryline ahead all he had to do was pick up his feet and he did 15-7 Cowichan.  Converted by Skipper Gudmundseth 17-7 Cowichan.

Grantham Minimus in to 2nd row For Dubiel who moves to #8 for an ailing McDonnell and quicker than you can boil potatoes Budina once again baffles the Port D and finds the ever aware and lurking Grantham for his brace 22-7 Cowichan.  Cowichan allows two more Port tries making the final 22-19 and we retire to the Jas Mahal for much joy and merriment.

Thanks go to Port for the great hosting and to Mauke Mauke the 4th for reffing a good game.

The boys travel to Richmond for their next game and then return home for the first home game of 2012.

3rd Division Men

The 3rds played a significantly revamped Comox Kickers on Sunday.  A suprplus of players from the Campbell River area has significantly boosted the available rugby talent to the Kickers squad.  The results on the days certainly showed as the Kickers took the game handily, 44-0.

The 3rd Division Men’s schedule is now available online.

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