Game Reports – Feb 4 & 5th

1st Division Men

Hopped on the bus Saturday morning and was sure there were a few corpses among the living,Physio after taking vitals assured me all had a pulse and countered that a flu bug had been circulating.  After an uneventful bus trip we arrived at King George Park in Richmond. Picture a reverse Mohawk of sand and bog flanked by a strip of turf on each sideline.  Opening whistle saw the Cowichan law firm of Boyd,Budina, Bones and Spooner,subpoena,souffle and smash all Richmond comers with a variety of lethal and almost legal crushing tackles.

Cowichan struck first on the docket with fly-half Budina pounding a 35 meter drop goal, hushing the partisan gallery 3-0 Cowichan.  Richmond would respond with two consecutive penalties to take a 6-3 lead.  Before kickoff I ashamedly admit after looking up and down both forward rosters that I was quietly concerned with our size deficit, other than our newly minted skipper Louis we were undersized, a good stone to a man.  As always I underestimated the little engine that could and was delighted at the half when the Pres granted his son membership into the select front row club.  Mandatory secret hand shakes and convoluted initiation rituals in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit were to follow and then the second half was underway.  Grantham in for Rudy the Zipper at hook, McCulloch to second row, Rudy to open-side, Spooner for Spooner on the blind.

Pushing the larger Richmond pack around in the tight and loose, our pack took control and were rewarded with a forwards try dotted down by McCulloch.  Converted by Bones, 10-6 Cowichan.
The next twenty minutes were a pattern of Cowichan being penalized for numerous infractions in the loose  – more than half deserved – followed by Richmond swinging it wide to the backs getting tattooed by the firm and knocking the ball on.  So with Richmond snatching defeat from the jaws of victory the final play of the game unfolded.

Richmond having been camped on our goal line throwing everything at us but the shillelagh, a gallant Cowichan defense repelled all salvos.  On one such attack, an evil tackle by one of two Eastbourne assassins, having been earlier subbed for Spooner, lay prone on the bog yelling for the physio to Mel Gibson (i.e. Lethal Weapon) his dislocated shoulder back into place so he could return to the fray.  In the ensuing melee, the Richmond backs with hands like dinner plates clanged another pass to ground.  Deftly scooping up the errant pass the Eastbourne assassin part deux had the tow to outpace the cover defense to dive over the line, followed by a Tebow for good measure.  Converted by Bones to make it a convincing 17-6 final for Cowichan.

After showering we sachet to the sponsoring Sportstown Tavern for much joy and merriment.  Thanks to Richmond for the gracious hosting and to the referee for whistling a very scrappy match where rugby certainly wasn’t the winner on the day.

Coach Murray

1st Division Women

Cowichan Women had their first rugby game of the BC WIDE Div 1 on Saturday up in Nanaimo.  On paper Cowichan is doing okay we have 19 players, but of course par to the course we went up to Nanaimo with 14 players.   Nanaimo who has grabbed the players of Comox and Port Alberni (since they don’t have enough player to play in the league) had 30 ladies out for warm up. That  amount of numbers can be intimidating but we  had the confidence of experience and Piggie PRIDE on our side.

At kick off it was a battle, Nanaimo had some strong forwards and because they had the extra player in the pack we had to really dig in, but we were just getting pushed back, which made for some ugly ball for Scrum half Quinn Battye.  She did her best and got the ball out cleanly to the backs who had some great runs.  It wasn’t until Jamaina McLeod went off with a bleeding nose did the Hornets crash over the line with as double overlap, converted 7-0.  Cowichan came back strong with a back and forth game Cowichan put on the pressure in our end and Nanaimo was shoveling the ball back and Cowichan just kept on knocking them down.   There was a penalty 5 meters out.  Quick tap and nice hands the ball got out to Ashley Smith who crashed over the line.  7-5 at half.

Second half seen Ashley Smith and Audrey Park both crash over the line.  Cowichan kept on playing our game, not letting Nanaimo score again final score 15-7 to the ladies in Green and Black.

Everyone had their stand out moments through out the game, be it the 50m runs by our speedy back 3 Carolyn Gudmundseth, Kara Galbraith and Caity Genreaux, or the hard running by Nenagh McCulloch, or the forwards getting stuck in and never giving up against a stronger out numbered forward pack.  It was our first game playing together with the few new players and its really exciting to think about what they can do when we get some more practice to together and we play with a full squad.

Cowichan Women’s team has a bye next weekend as we are off to VEGAS to watch some International 7’s.   The game will be home to Kamloops!

Captain Spence

3rd Division Men

3rds lost 24-5 in a somewhat controversial game against Velox.  The match was called short with 30min left due to a melee.   This was a bit of a shame because it seemed like the tide had shifted in the contest.   We had a fantastic turnout and it looks like we could have a solid team if we get more consistency – attendance at Thursday practice would probably help too!

Thanks to all the boys who showed up on the day.  We have Saanich next week, so we are looking forward to similar numbers for that game and further improvements on the field in terms of cohesion, performance and discipline.

Captain Fogarty

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