Game Reports – February 25 & 26

1st Division Women

The ladies had their toughest game so far but came out on top. The game was late starting late due to late ferries, but once started Abbotsford kicked to us and put the pressure on immediately. Cowichan was in our 22m for the first 10 minutes. Going up against a much stronger and larger scrum, Cowichan was getting driven back, and losing the ball. But our defense dug in and kept Abbotsford from crossing the line. We finally got the ball cleared, and from there, it was back and forth rugby! As Abbotsford’s forwards got tired Cowichan was able to get cleaner ball at the back of the scrum for the 1st time scrum half Marika Posehn.

Super MOM Carolyn Spidell-Gudmundseth finished the game with 5 tries (that’s right, you read correctly, 5!), she was the finisher of the day getting great off loads from her teammates. Cassy Stevens was the only other Piggie to cross the line from a huge run.

On the wing Caity Genereaux stepped up with some HUGE hits.  It was the surprising clearing kick from prop Ashley Smith toward the end of the game and her strong running that landed her player of the game.  Kara Galbraith finished the game with 2 converts.

Final score was 34-27.


The Ladies will be playing UNITED at home next weekend at 1230, following the “Joe” High School Tournament.

3rd Division Men

The 3rds started out to CW with 13 on the bus with hopes of having enough to field a team. Thankfully, upon arrival we found 7 waiting at the field.  CW had around 30, some of which were busted out of their collector edition shrink wrap packages.

Rolling subs aplenty, with complete line changes by CW, made the game interesting.

An early scare found Cowichan down by 5 quickly. The Piggies regrouped and stern words by Ian and actions by the same, found us pounding in a try quickly after.

With Rogi rumbling forward and the amazing boot by Owen (wink wink), we found we were in control of the score at half.

CW never gave up, but with many knock ons, and with unstoppable forces in the forwards, Peterson scored one after hard work from Moss & Moss incorporated.

At one point, Rogi was heard yelling about the kicking so Owen chipped and went through to regain the ball and run half the field for the try. Rogi later retracted retracted the comment but it was too late, karma got the best of him and he was injured the very next play.

The clubhouse of CW afterwords was excellent, many thanks to CW.

Oh yeah, Ty scored a lackadaisical try where he sauntered by about four players 😉

1st Division Men

The lads had a bye this week.  They will be traveling to Victoria this weekend to take on Velox, 2:30 pm KO!

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