Game Reports for February 18 & 19

1st Division Men

‎20 hearty souls braved the choppy crossing of the the strait to do battle against a much larger Bayside Shark Squad.

2:30 rolled around without a shark in sight and the referee hiding, I assume from the cold.

The game began 5 minutes late, cutting into our post game mantra of “win or lose we’ll drink the booze”. In hindsight, it would have been better if the ref didn’t turn up at all hindering …both sides with calls that made no sense to either team.

On a heavy pitch, in deplorable conditions, our lighter pack routinely pushed back the Bayside pack but were unable to capitalize. In the loose, numerous knock ons, Bayside maul collapses (uncalled) and coming in from the side ,again not whistled ,stymied the dominant Cowichan pack.

The Bayside attack hinged around their #12 and after 30 minutes they were rewarded with a try up the middle followed shortly with a carbon copy of the first – Bayside up 10-0.  Then just before the half, Budina at fly half, spotted the winger and kicked a lovely ball thru, grubbered once from the floor by Wood, before diving on the ball in the corner for a 10-5 halftime count.

The second half started well with the Piggies finding our way to the opponent’s 5 meter line. A Bayside put in saw our pack going forward only to be thwarted by the Shark blindside, picking the ball out of the scrum scampering forward and linking up with his backs to remove the Cowichan threat.

Everything unraveled at this point and attrition took it’s toll against the Piggies on a windswept Arctic plain in the bowels of South Surrey. Final score 30 something to 5 Bayside.

With our tails firmly planted between our legs (for warmth) we hit the showers a half kilometer away. Then onto their Dungeon of a clubhouse another few kilometers away for beer and sustenance. We took our second beating of the day in the boat race, our first loss of the season in that department.

The Piggies had the last laugh of the day, however, knowing that once off the ferry we would be only an hours drive from our little slice of paradise called the Cowichan Valley where its always sunny and warm, the Lucky is cold and Piggy Park’s warm embrace and inviting charm would be there to greet us. (read: grasping at straws)

Next Saturday is a bye week – we still need everyone out Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturday, the team meets at 8:30 at the Club for a team bonding/training/retreat in the upper reaches of the Cowichan Valley followed by a hearty cheering on of the women in their game against Abbotsford.

Coach Murray

1st Division Women

Women beat Kamloops Saturday, 19-7 with tries by Carolyn Gudmundseth and 2 from Cassie Stevens and 2 converts by Caty Genereaux!

Carolyn gave a standout performance at #10! She even pulled out a nice kick to get us out of trouble… We came Saturday with two subs, which was a nice change.

The other player of the match was Ashley Smith!

The ladies will have another tough match next weekend home to Abby

Captain Spence
3rd Division Men

It was great to see a full squad of 22 players for the 3rds game on Sunday. Some of the oldsters who came out to play actually got to relax to let the youngsters play – Hopps and Taff ran sidelines and Coos got to coach…just couldn’t keep Mossy off the field though.  It was great to see 3 Moss’ boys out charging around!

No one that played Saturday had to double up today. Lots of new, young players out and all had a good time against a very good, undefeated, Comox side. (A team we lost to by 44-0 only a month ago!)

The clubhouse was warm and cheery after the game with Comox RFC welcoming the traditional Cowichan hospitality. (Great food again with curried Chicken, rice and the fixings on the go!) Thanks May and Rhonda!See More


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