Game Reports – March 3 & 4th

1st Division Men

After a sound thrashing at the hands of Bayside two weeks prior, we knew we would have to bolster our defensive strategies in order to compete with Velox.

Dukes came out Thursday night and ran a defensive oriented workout which would prove to be the difference in a 6-5 slaughtering of the Gordon Head side.

The game started in a howling gale with Cowichan running against it. Budina at outside center kicked off retrieving his own ball on a devilish little grubber.  On the ensuing maul, driven forward 15 meters, Velox caught the ire of the ref and Wood playing on the wing stepped in and slotted the gift – Cowichan3-Velox 0.

Stingy play continued with both defenses bent but not broken.  Velox were big and strong in the backs and ran it wide.  The center pairing of Bones and Budina were up to the task bullying the brawnier Velox backs at every opportunity.  Velox would kick through with the wind and Bones was just able to touch down for a 22 dropout, unfortunately the cover defense came in knees first to Bones head and Physio was rushed in.  Cowichan were awarded a penalty on the 22, I think a red card and penalty would have been more appropriate.

Velox were able to drive deep into our end.  The Pigs held them out valiantly but were deemed offside by the referee.  With no time left on the clock Velox were able to cross the line for a try. Unconverted,  Valhallians 5-Piggies 3 at half.

Bones was unable to continue in the second half and replaced by Boyd at inside center.  With the wind at our backs Gudmundseth at flyhalf and Budina at outside centre, hemmed Velox deep with probing kicks to space and every counter by Velox was thwarted by a crushing phalanx of Black and Green.  With time running down the fitness and punishment took it’s toll on the weary Velox forwards.  A penalty was awarded to Cowichan.  Wood calmly strolled up and slotted it between the posts and struck the heart of every Velox fan at the Park, allowing the Piggies to feast at Valhalla.

Final Cowichan 6-Velox 5 a sound thrashing in every sense of the word.

Thanks to Velox for the hosting and the ref and touchies for controlling an emotion filled tilt.

Another bye next weekend.  Important training Tuesday and Thursday, followed by a bonding session Saturday, details to follow.

Coach Murray

1st Division Women

Still undefeated but not without a fight.  Saturday brought another tough game for the Sr Women’s team, winning by a penalty kick from Caity G – the only points in the second half.

Cowichan beat United 17-14. With a late start, and United needing to catch a ferry the games got dropped to 35min halfs (which ended up being good for us).  Yet again we didn’t have a full squad playing, with some people ill, and family emergency’s we picked up Brentwood Grade 9’er Ciel, to make us have our 15 players. Ciel had a great game, you wouldn’t have known she was so young out there.

Cowichan’s first try was scored by speedster Marika Posehn, and the second one came from a chip kick at the 22m from Carolyn Spidell-Gudmundseth who received the nice bounce right in her hands which she pitched off to support Angie Davies who got the final try.

Cowichan had great defense in the second half, shutting down their very powerful (premier player) centre! The game got a bit messy, with about 15min left both prop Ashley Smith and Winger Marika went off, and with no subs the scrums went uncontested and Cowichan stayed strong with 2 players down ( thanks goodness we didn’t play 40’s).

Cowichan will have a bye next weekend. Then will play Kelowna St Patty’s day March 17th, at home ( time TBA) – the only team we have not yet played.

Captain Spence

3rd Division Men

he 3rds set out to Velox today with 7 on the bus and arrived at the field with twenty aplenty. Bad feelings running deep among most on the field, we knew that tempers would have to be kept in check. Lacking a prop and asking for uncontested, we were informed to do that would confirm a loss for us, so we shuffled our team and went forward with steam only to lose to 32-0.

Although outmatch and down 2 players to cards we pounded up hard only to run into the ref. We finished the game without any shame and won the day in the boat race!

Sitting on the bus without any fuss we think of the season to come. CW at home, Powell River away and home to the same, and to finish at home against Saanich. We plan for the best forget the rest, black and green forever!!!!


Joe McGeachy HS Tournament

Friday and Saturday brought 500 kids to the grounds of Piggie Park to play in the 10th annual Joe.  The weather cooperated for the most part and the pitches held up well.

Cowichan won the title on the girls side after a very close match with Vanier.  Sophie Cutt was given MVP for the tournament.

The boys played two scrimmage matches, in accordance with their school sports rules, against Ladysmith and Brentwood.  The three schools played multiple periods which gave them a chance to have all the kids play for the first time this season.

Cowichan came out the better of the three schools and the MVP was awarded to Noah Dobson.

Many thanks go to the coaching staff of all schools who participated and in particular, Brad Skene, Craig Lauridsen and Ron Glass.

BC Provincial Coaches and Managers Needed

The Provincial Regional Championships for Junior Rugby are taking place this year on the second weekend of July at UBC. In recent years Vancouver Island has been represented by:

Vancouver Island North – Tsunami U-16 Boys, Tsunami U-18 Boys

Vancouver Island South – Tide U-16 Boys, Tide U-18 Boys

Vancouver Island –  U-19 Girls (I think it is U-19)

Please contact the BCRU if you are interested.

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