Game Reports – November 3rd

1st Division Women

The 1st division women faced their old foes, Nanaimo.  In their previous match, Nanaimo beat the Piggies handily.  This match would be different. It was a defensive game all around. Fullback Stacey Collison only had to come up with one try saving tackle which meant that centres Audrey Park and Nenagh McCulloch weren’t letting anything get through them. Unfortunately, the same can be said of the Naniamo centres –  we simply could not penetrate, even though we played about 10min with in their 20m during the first half.

Into the 2nd half, it continued to be a tight close game.  Nothing went to wide without it being dropped (by both teams) due to the slippery conditions… meaning it was a a busy day for the scrum.  It wasn’t until the final few minutes that from a quick ruck that Caity Muck passed off the ball, which ended up getting crashed over by Katie McKinty in the finals 6min of the game.

Final score was 5-0.

1st Division Men

The 1st division men also faced Nanaimo on this wet Saturday, and were also looking for revenge from their previous meeting in September.   Like the women before them, the men faced challenging conditions on all fronts.  In the end, Owen Woods was good for two penalties to Nanaimo’s one, and that’s all it took.

Final score was 6-3

3rd Division Men

The 3rd division men arranged for their match against Velox to be moved so as to enjoy a full game of rugby at Piggie Park.   Not surprisingly, the field conditions by the final match of the day were extremely challenging for the mighty 3rds.  The 3rds were supplemented by some willing but weary firsts, Moss minor and a partially shaven Lewkus amongst others, plus some stalwarts like Taffy and Guy and a youngster wearing 18 whose name has slipped into a senile vapor.

It was an epic slog, messy ball, lots of rucking about until the aforementioned “18” took an offload from Moss major who had been served from an excellent line out, and rumbled on and on, downshifted, got isolated, didn’t matter ’cause there was no stopping this bus – and to our delight scored the only points of the match. The convert was gamely attempted, given we couldn’t find a tee, but it was enough.

Nanaimo did manage to cross our line once in the second half but was ruled held up. Otherwise our defense held due to some persistent tackling in the centers and a good effort all around. ‘Tis a grand game and even tastier when you win!

Final score was 5-0

Oh, and the boat races were also won….

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