Game Reports – October 1-2, 2011

1st Divsion Women

The Women’s 1st XV traveled up to Comox Saturday and came away with a convincing 63-7 victory. The women’s team is starting to come together now with some keen new players and some vets making a comeback. This is 3 convincing wins in a row to date for the women. The big test will be Velox, who have also 3 wins to their credit. Super effort for the coaching and management staff in the energy seen in Women’s rugby at the club!

U19 Men

The Junior Men are now starting to gel as a team and had a decisive win over Velox at Herd Rd. on Saturday. The Cowichan bunch had 22 players dressed and all were able to see action. Velox were short 1 or 2 bodies, so in keeping with the spirit of the game, some Cowichan boys suited up for Velox. Some great talent out there as the junior spirit locally continues to produce some good rugby. The final score was in Cowichan’s favor by over 60 points. It was good to see Velox press for 2 tries which, although in a loss was a small victory for for the young team from Victoria. In speaking to their coaching staff they were still giddy in pulling off the 28-27 win over JBAA the weekend before, something, according to their coaches, has never happened in Velox history. We are still looking for a manager of this side, which, if all works out, could be on the road to a BC Championship season.

U17 Men

 The U-17 boys are now 2-0 after this past weekend’s foray to Gordon to take on Velox at their home grounds. The finals was 48-10 for the young Piggies and the coaching staff are more than pleased with the performance of the team to date. The big match up will be the Castaway Wanderers in a game shortly as it will the 2 undefeated team going at it. U18 Women The Cowichan Junior Women were to host Richmond this past Sunday. Unfortunately, Richmond was unable to make the trip so the game is in the books as a 5-0 default win for Cowichan.

Senior Men – 1st & 3rd

The 1st Div. Men were idle this week and on the sidelines watching the results of other matches. The big surprise was the 112-0 shellacking of Velox by the Norsemen. JBAA eked out a win against CW and Nanaimo easily handled the Jutes.

The mighty 3rds were to play at Port Alberni this past Sunday, but the game was called off as the Black Sheep x 28 are in New Zealand on tour. We’ll make that game up later in the season.

Piggies in the News

  • Matt Evans started for Canada vs New Zealand and Japan at the World Cup so good on him;
  • Ian Manly, long time Piggie, is in Vancouver working and has turned out for the UBC Old Boy Ravens (scored a try last week);
  • Pat Fraser is having a great time in NZ and will be back this Xmas;
  • Robin McDowell, long time Piggie, is living and working in Sask;
  • Caty McCulloch is in NZ attached to the National team as a photographer and is on the field with photographers credentials during WC matches;
  • Evan Mallory, former Piggie Junior is now playing on the mainland for Capilano;
  • Craig Inglis is back into rugby playing for the 3rds;
  • Andrew “Boner” Wright is back in the country for a visit(He lives in Ireland) and was at training Tuesday.

Love your Club

In keeping with the spirit of the club, we must remind everyone that no one is the the club and the club is everyone. In saying this we all are volunteers in this organization so when you see a spot of garbage or some untidiness, please take it upon yourself to do something about it. We have no paid employees that come in the middle of the night and line fields, cut grass, work in the concession, pick up garbage, clean toilets, chase balls over fences so it is up to everyone to do their part to keep the club moving forward. Do not expect someone else to bend over and scrape up the garbage…if you see it…look after it! Love your club.

Also, a reminder that the club is first and foremost a place where people can come and enjoy themselves in keeping within the bounds of healthy and clean living. Please keep in mind when young people and families are using the grounds that common sense prevails in order to ensure that the grounds are hospitable for young people that want to enjoy their pursuit of sport.

Frances Kelsey School Looking for Coaches

Apparently has 20-30 Kelsey boys very keen to play rugby in this upcoming Spring high School season. The problem is there isn’t a rugby coach at the school to move this forward, The boys are all products of Ted Zinkan’s program at George Bonner the last 2 years so you know these boys will be rugby ready. It will be a shame if the rugby community cannot come forward to get this team going somehow. The club currently boasts 10 players in the men’s program that graduated from Frances Kelsey HS.

Keeping this good feeder going is imperative for rugby to continue strong.

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