Game Reports – September 28 & 29

A very good all around day at the Club last Saturday. The Wayne Game, now referred to as the Memorial Game, was well attended and all three Senior teams had good outings.

The clubhouse after the games was cooking until late. Lots of people stayed on to party and sing and do the things that a traditional rugby club would do.  The club seems to be on a re-invent of sorts with many new young faces who are really committed to the club. The coaches now have the ability to say to players that if you miss a training session…you don’t get to start on the weekend.  There is a competition for positions now which is having a positive affect on the club.

2nd Division Men (or 3rds, depending on who you ask)

The 2nd XV took on Nanaimo’s 2nd XV and, for the first time in several years, Cowichan had 7 fully dressed on the bench plus two more suited up and playing for Nanaimo. The other interesting thing was that excluding a couple of players, the player average age was about 21.  The game was good despite driving rain with Cowichan prevailing 17-0. Cowichan now sits at 2-0 in the NVIRU 3rd Div Standings.

1st Division Men

The 1st XV Men took the field with again a full bench and lot of youngsters. Nanaimo was expected to be a more challenging match as their previous two outings ended up somewhat lopsided.  Cowichan controlled this game from start to finish and came away with a 29-5 victory. The standout was Rob MacDonnell scoring 3 tries from his back row position.

There was a good crowd on hand despite the wet conditions.

Cowichan now sits at 3-0 on the season: 2-0 in Cowichan Cup League play and 1-0 in the Times Cup Play.  We are currently in first place in both competitions!  The standings can be found here.

1st Division Women

The Women’s 1st XV were short of number on the day and missing some key players. The effort was valiant and they came away with a hard fought 24-10 loss. The coaching staff were optimistic that if their full side was out a victory was at hand.

1st Division Women

The U-18 Women travelled to Velox with 22 players. Had to loan Velox some players, Cowichan won the game.
Games this Weekend

Saturday, Oct. 5:

Men’s 1st XV: Cowichan @ Comox, KO 1pm, Cumberland Park

Sunday, Oct. 6:

Women’s U-18: Castaway Wanderers vs Cowichan, KO 11:30am, Herd Rd.

Men’s U-16: Castaway Wanderers vs Cowichan, KO 1:00pm, Herd Rd

Men’s 2nd XV: Cowichan @ Velox, KO @ 1pm  Velox Field



Training this Thursday saw 41 men on the field. (26 on Tuesday) and 13 Women.  We need to get the women’s numbers up to 20 – at least.

Some new faces out last night on the men’s side which should create some interest for sure as we move along.  Also keen to note that the above count was taken after 8pm, which means most of the oldsters have moseyed off to the clubhouse.

Looks like the men will travel to Comox with 20 players on Saturday and the 2nd XV will travel to Velox the following day. The women are idle this weekend.

On the mainland, our counterpart league, Okanagan League 1, has some interesting, early season results.  Seattle RFC are 3-0 coming away with two lopsided wins + a decent win vs a very tough Surrey side.  UBC is also 3-0 and will probably win the league, but bow out of playoffs.  Bayside demoted from Premier, is have a tough start winning only 1 game and losing 2.  Interesting following the “Competition” over on the mainland.

The Americas Rugby Championships starts a week from Monday in Langford’s Westhills Stadium.  Full details can be found here.

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