Gearing up for 2018-2019

As the summer winds down, the activity at CRFC is starting to pick up as we prepare for the 2018-2019 season.  This coming season, the club is hoping to field 2 additional senior sides.  In addition to the 1st Division Men and Women, we welcome the return of the mighty 3rds and an over 38 side.  With these later two sides, we hope to see the return of many former Piggies and also many new members!  

Anyone interested in joining up, please contact us through the website:


Team training on Tuesday nights has begun!  Tuesday training is 7-8:30 pm.  Be ready for 7 pm please.

Thursday night continues to be club night till the end of the month.  Everyone – young and not as young- welcome for a run around!  7 – 8:30 pm and the clubhouse will be open after.


Schedules are slowly being added to the website.  The 1st division men and women are available now, 3rds, Over 38s and Juniors to follow shortly.  All schedules can be found on the website:

The first games for both sides will be away to Nanaimo on September 8.  The first home games will be September 22.  More information to come on those games as the dates get closer!


Those cool new hats are still available as well as a variety of club clothing (at the concession).  Check out the stock list and prices on the website:


With a couple of new sides added to the mix, the Club is actively recruiting for new players – women and men!  No rugby experience is necessary, just a love of fun, friendship, and probably beer!  

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