Joe McGeachy Memorial High School Tournament – March 1 & 2

ALL Games will be played at Piggie Park

All pool games will be 20-minute halves with a brief half time so as not to exceed the maximum allowable amount of time to be played for U-19 rugby in one day.

Pool points will be awarded accordingly:  4pts=win, 2pts=tie, 1pt bonus=more than 4 tries or loss of less than 7

Saturday matches will crossover with the same placed team in the other pool.

Friday, March 1st

Pool A

I. Brentwood
II. Vanier
III. Walnut Grove

Pool B

a.  Cowichan
b.  Alberni
c.  Ladysmith

Field  #1:

12:00  a v b (AA)

1:15    b v c (DH)

2:00    Boys: Cowichan v Ladysmith

3:30    a v c (DH)

Field  #2:

1:00    I v II (BS)

2:30    I v III (BS)

4:00    II v III (AA)

5pm:  Estimated Finish Time             

Saturday, Mar 2nd Cross-Over Games

Games will be 60 minutes in duration, including a brief half time.

No overtime will be played and it is possible to finish each game with a tie.                           

 10:15 GA #3 v GA #3 (5th/6th) (LB) (60 mins)

10:15 GA #2 v GB #2 (3rd/4th) (AA) (60 mins)

11:30 GA #1 v GB #1 (1st/2nd) (RG/DW/BS) (60 mins)

1:00pm:  Cowichan 1st Division Women v Abbotsford RFC

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