Local Boys Dominate & Schedule Revisions

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of long time Club supporter, Bob Lewis.  Bob passed away last Thursday, February 13.  Bob was at every game, enjoyed his rugby and his pint of Guinness.  We offer our kindness to Enid and the rest of Bob’s family during this difficult time.

Results for this Past Weekend

1st Div Men: Cowichan 55 vs Velox Academy 5

1st Div Women: Cowichan @ SFU Postponed

2nd Div Men: Cowichan vs U-Vic Saxons Postponed

*NOTE: The two postponements this past weekend were as a result of our opponents begging off. Their home games. Our teams were fully committed to playing these games.

Women’s Rugby 

Finally a schedule!  The Women were to kick off this past weekend with a fixture at Simon Fraser University but it was postponed. This game will hopefully be played at a later date, failing that, Cowichan will get the bonus point win for a default.
Clubs in the BC Wide 1st Div. Women’s League:

  • Brit Lions RFC
  • Burnaby Lake-2
  • Cowichan Rugby Club
  • Kamloops RFC
  • Kelowna RFC
  • Meraloma Rugby Club
  • Nanaimo Hornets RFC
  • Ridge Meadows
  • SFU
  • United-2

It’s hard to say who the top team is this spring as the BCRU has morphed the Tier 1 & Tier 2 Fall Mainland league into one league this Spring and included Cowichan and Nanaimo.  The teams that don’t have a Premier side will be the teams to beat and that includes all but 3 teams.  Kamloops is always tough and United has a great women’s program so JJ’s picks for tough clubs to play would be those two.

The women travel to Ridge-Meadows on the mainland next Saturday before coming home for a month’s worth of games, starting with the Meralomas on March 1st and again the Brit Lions the following weekend.

We have 19 Women registered currently and could use a few more players to give us some depth.

Men’s Rugby 

A good outing at Velox as we took on their 2nd team. The weather conditions were actually quite good but the Velox field is in desperate shape with very little grass and lots of ruts and bumps.

We played these guys a couple of months ago for the last game of the fall season with a result of 24-5. This weekend’s result shows a marked improvement being up 28-0 at the half then adding another 27 points in the second half for a 55-5 result.

Cowichan’s roster vs the Velox Academy was as follows:

1. Dan James (Frances Kelsey HS)

2. Gregor Grantham (Cowichan HS)

3. Malcolm Sacht (Ladysmith HS)

4. Louis Gudmundseth(Cowichan HS)

5. Ty Jones (Frances Kelsey HS)

6. Mike Rea (Ireland)

7. Ian Manly (Shawnigan Lake School)

8. Robbie McDonnell (Frances Kelsey HS)

9. Danny Hamstra (Shawnigan Lake School)

10. Cam Hall (Ladysmith HS)

11. David Cowie (Brentwood College School)

12. Andrew Gudmundseth (Cowichan HS)

13. Peter Budina (Ballymena, Ireland)

14. Jordan Weiser (Cowichan HS)

15. Owen Wood (Shawnigan Lake School)


16. Pat Fraser (in for #6 at the half) (Shawnigan Lake School)

17. Russell Robertson (in for #12 at the half) (Shawnigan Lake School)

18. Andrew Wright (in for #15 at the half) (Cowichan HS)

19. Carlin Hamstra (in for #13 at the half) (Shawnigan Lake School)

20. Bruce Moss (in for #4 at 60min) (Frances Kelsey HS)

21. Pat Large (in for #9 at 60min) (Cowichan HS)

22. German Lamothe (in for #8 at 60min) Bordeaux, France.

Choosing a starting XV is difficult these days with the club having a good number of top level players to select from.  The only thing making it easy for coaching staff is that those that don’t make both training sessions during the week, find themselves on the bench to start the game.

Our just-turned 18 year old Flyhalf, Cam Hall, is back from injury and performed very well on Saturday.  Had a bit of rust since last playing in early November, but his quickness and play making ability is great to see.  He scored a bunch and is back on track.

Ian Manly started his first game starting for Cowichan since 2009.  Ian brings a step-up in play for the team in his tenacity at the open side flanker position.  Chatting with the Velox #10 after the game and he said “That god damn open side killed me all game.  I just couldn’t get any good ball away for him being in my face… who is that guy anyways?”

Team quickness is an obvious difference with the club right now.  The back three are very dangerous ball in hand with this quickness and ball distribution saw them combine to score two nice “speed” tries during the game.  New player, Jordan Weisner, and with only six months of rugby under his belt, was outstanding and defines the description of a modern day winger, 6′-2″, athletic and very fast. Jordan graduated from Cowichan High a few years back and was a top Basketball player in school.  Good local athlete!

Danny Hamstra brings a note of steadiness to the scrum half position and his 3-4 nicely placed box kicks at opportune moments is another element of the Cowichan game not seem in the near past.

The second half saw a new crew come in – and how can you go wrong with Pat Fraser, Carlin Hamstra, Russell Robertson and Andrew Wright coming in as replacements?  Pat’s impact was noticed right away from his #6 position.  His experience at playing at higher levels flows along and brings everyone around him up a level or two. And who is benefitting from this high octane style of rugby? #8 Robbie McDonnell – another 2 tries scored on the day and he has lifted his level of play up a notch or two with 4 tries in 2 games.

Our new French Connection, Germain Lamothe, here in the Valley from Bordeaux, France, is very experienced and bring the level of competition for starting positions up in the loose forwards. Russ Robertson had a good game coming off the bench. He’s so hard to bring down ball in hand and was able to rumble for several multi yard dashes, dragging tacklers with him.

The front row worked hard all game with Gregor Grantham at hooker elevating his game this spring. He does all the little things that you don’t record and his fitness is very good present so gets around the field well.
How points were scored:

  • Backs: 35 points:
    Back 3 scored 16 points;  Fly Half scored 14 points Centers scored 5 points.
  • Forwards: 20 points
    Back Row scored 20 points.


Cam Hall 2 Trys, 2 Converts: 14 pts

Robbie McDonnell 2 Trys: 10 pts

Owen Wood: 3 Converts, 6 pts.

David Cowie: 1 Try, 5 pts.

Andrew Gudmundseth: 1 Try, 5 pts.

Pat Fraser: 1 Try, 5 pts.

Germain Lamoth: 1 Try, 5 pts.

Jordan Weisner, 1 Try, 5 pts.
Of the 22 players on the roster, here’s where they came from. You can see the program at our local high schools are providing a good solid base of local players:
Shawnigan Lake School: 6 Players

Frances Kelsey HS: 4 players

Brentwood College School: 1 players

Ladysmith HS: 3 Players

Cowichan HS: 6 Players

International: 3 Players

19 of the 22 players came through the Cowichan Rugby Club’s Junior program!

Other Results from the weekend

  • Velox 12 vs Nanaimo 7
  • Port Alberni 88 vs Comox 5
  • UBC 24 vs Cal Davis 33 (1st loss for UBC)
  • Kamloops Rugby Club at Abbotsford RFC POSTPONED
  • United Ruby Club 0 – 31(+1) Langley RFC
  • Surrey Beavers AA 5 – 67(+1) Seattle RFC
  • Kelowna Crows at Bayside AA CANCELLED

Schedule Adjustments

Comox is a bit out of their league and will drop down to the 3rd Div.  This is good as it gives our 2nd VX another set of games this Spring and we don’t benefit at all from a lopsided win from our 1st XV. A new schedule has been released and will be posted and our 1st division men will be travelling to Nanaimo this weekend instead of Comox travelling to Piggie Park.

A good challenge for sure as we barely beat Nanaimo last fall (18-17) and it will be a good test for us as Nanaimo played a very close match against the top level Velox 1st XV (12-7) last weekend.

Facility Improvements

Field Lights: Are coming together with 2 tall masts prepared for installation into the sleeves along the field edge of the parking area. High intensity flood lights have been purchased and we’re waiting for Surepower Electric to come and wire them up.  We will also be replacing the bulbs in the lights in thee clubhouse corner and adjusting the ones along the property line

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