For All the Marbles

This weekend will be the 1st XV Men’s biggest game of the season. The VIRU Men’s League is so good right now, with 4 teams pretty well even, it will come down to the last game(s) of the season to determine who’s where in the final standings.

 This Weekend’s Games 
1st Place Cowichan Piggies will host 2nd Place Velox Vahallians at the Piggie Park,Saturday, April 5th at 2:30.
1st Place Cowichan Piggies 2nd XV host U-Vic Saxons at Piggie Park, Saturday, April 5th at 1:00pm
1st Place Cowichan Women’s travel to United RFC on the Mainland, Saturday, April 5th @ 11:30am
Training – Calling All Bodies 

All 3rd Div Players looking to play please come to training Thursday.  There are only a few games left for the 3rds and to qualify for playoffs you have to play a few league games.  Let’s have a full bench for our 2nd XV this weekend.

The Big Picture in the VIRU

The other hot ticket will see 3rd place Nanaimo Hornets visit 4th Place Port Alberni Black Sheep.  If Cowichan wins this weekend, no matter what else happens, we secure 1st Place and home dates for all playoff dates.  If we tie, we would still claim 1st Place (you never know, we tied Velox a month ago).  If we end up on the short end of the score this weekend, a bunch of factors come into play depending on bonus points and the Nanaimo vs Port Alberni game.  Best we could do is 2nd place, worst, 3rd place.  Nanaimo, who defeated Velox a couple of weekends ago, could find themselves in 2nd place if it goes their way.

The 4 top teams in the VIRU league have all ramped up their level of play.  Some of the top players in the Province play in this league and it’s showing on the field with great play. There’s something about playing local players in a local league.  Despite Premier League play on the Island, the VIRU Men’s 1st Division consistantly gets more fans out to watch  – so we must be doing something right.  Locals want to watch local players on the field.  Each local players usually has 3-4 people out to watch.  You bring in a team from the mainland and right away you lose out on 100 or so fans, not to mention the after game fesitivities which have been very good for the club this year.

Top Player in the League – JJ’s Take

Port Alberni has the best player in the league, and perhaps the best BC born player in any league.  Ty Shannon was a one man recking crew last weekend’s game.  He single handedly took two clear break away trys away from Cowichan last weekend with his incredible speed and tackling ability.  He also scored a try for Port Alberni and kicked all their points.  Ty has scored 197 points this year.  The second top scorer in ALL leagues is Seattle’s Russell Armstrong with 113 points.  Ty played for Canada as a Junior and in his Freshman, and only year, with the U-Vic Vikes, he was the Premier League’s scoring champion.  Great Canadian player!

Last Weekend’s Games
1st Division Women

The Women’s 1st XV secured a bonus point victory, but through default.  Kelowna couldn’t muster up to come to the island.  Very disappointed as the women have only had 3 games this Spring.

2nd Division Men

The Piggies 2nd XV mustered up a game vs 1st Div. Comox Kickers at Port Alberni.  It turned into a good game with the final score of 22-0 for Cowichan. Comox has had a dreadful time this season playing up in the 1st Division so I think they were quite satisfied with the results.   Comox pushed a bit and were deserving of 1-2 trys but the crumby weather, which affected both teams, saw balls knocked-on near the try line.

Of note, Mike Moss celebrated his 40th consecutive year of playing competitive rugby for Cowichan when he subbed in for Mike Rea in the second half.

Thank you to Mauke Mauke for a well officiated game.
Scoring for Cowichan
  • Germain Lamothe 2 trys
  • Cam Jervis 1 try
  • Will Wheaton 1 try 1 Convert.
1st Division Men

The 1st XV took on a very strong Port Alberni side in Port Alberni last weekend.  The Sheep have beaten Velox twice and Cowichan once (all at home mind you).  This was another frustrating game for Cowichan – played in torrential downpour.  So many times knocking on the door with no result and lots of penalties.  As previously mentioned, two clear breakaway potential tries only to be tracked down by Ty Shannon.  As well, Cowichan was thought to have scored an early try off a maul, but the referee decided that the ball was knocked on before being placed down.

Cowichan took the lead on a Peter Budina try in the 1st half, convert missed 5-0.  Ty Shannon took a baall at his 22m line on an offensive miscue by Cowichan and scampered 70m for the try under the posts against the flow of play, convert good, 5-7.   Then a missed penalty kick by Bantin, followed by  a try from Owen Wood from the wing in the corner after finally linking up through the backs.  The convert by Bantin was good and Cowichan took the lead 12-7 into the half.

Cowichaan scored right away in the 2nd half on another break through by Peter Budina. 17-7.  Port countered with a enalty kick by Ty shannon, 17-10.   Owen Wood slotted a penalty kick good near the end of the game, 20-10.  And the last scoring of the game came via Ty Shannon, as he broke through and offloads to their center for a score under the posts, covert good 20-17.   Cowichan hung on to win the game 20-17.

CRFC Starting line-up
1: Malcolm Sacht
2: Gregor Grantham
3: Dan James
4: Louis Gudmundseth (C)
5: Ty Jones
6: Pat Fraser
7: Ian Manly
8: Robbie McDonnell
9: Gabe Farrell (I)
10: Danny Hamstra
11: Owen Wood
12: Andrew Gusmundseth
13: Peter Budina
14: David Cowie
15: George Bantin (I)
16: Mike Rea (in for #4 at 40m)
17: Germain Lamothe (I)
18: Bruce Moss
19: Ryan Spooner
20: Cam Jervis
21: Rogi Young
22: Kim Anderton
Social Membership Report
Doug Solloway since 1970
George Van Westarp since 1968
Barkley Logan since 1971
A. McGeachy since 1971
G. Dukelow since 1983
J. Carey since 1988
H. Gerwing since 2000
C. Evans since 1999
A. Hutchins since 1967
J. Hourihan since 2005
E. Hourihan since 2005
I. Ford since 1963
B. James since 2003
Again, your Social Membership is much appreciated @ $150 for 1 year. SUPPORT YOUR CLUB.
Junior Rugby Host Bow Valley
A great afternoon of Junior rugby at the club vs. Bow Valley RFC from Cochrane, Alberta.

Our mighty U14’s came out on top with a 46 to 22 victory and our U16’s played a series of tightly contested 7s matches vs. Bow Valley, with wins in each of those.

Congratulations to both U-14 & U-16 teams for great games & sportsmanship and for being gracious hosts. Very big thanks to Fergus, Sharron and all the parents who helped to provide dinner for our group.

Special thanks to David Hopps who refereed not just one match but an additional 3 7s matches – amazing Hopsy!

One last thanks to Granny for having fresh lines on the fields, Ed for opening the bar, and to our Senior Club for having the best facilities a Junior/Mini rugby program could ask for!  Our guests were in awe at what we get to play on and the great character of our club house.

Another great day for Cowichan Rugby!

Facilities Improvements

Field lights are coming together with 2 tall masts now installed in the sleeves along the field edge of the parking area.  High intensity flood lights have been purchased and we’re waiting for Surepower Electric to come and wire them up.  We will also be replacing the bulbs in the lights in thee clubhouse corner and adjusting the ones along the property line

Membership Update

We’ve done a little summary of the membership statistics over the last 7 years and thought you might be interested to see how the Club is progressing.  It’s disheartening to see a steady decline in numbers over the past 7 years.  It would be interesting to know if this decline is a consistent trend across the province.

2013-14 Memberships:

Total Registrations: 52
Senior Men Registrations: 21
Senior Men Student Registrations: 30

Total Registrations: 24
Senior Women Registrations: 13
Senior Women Student Registrations: 11

Membership Review 2007-2014:

Total Senior Player Membership 2014: 76
Add Junior/Admin. members: 167

Total Senior Player Membership 2013: 53
Add Junior/Admin. members: 207

Total Senior Player Membership 2012: 74
Add Junior/Admin. members: 219

Total Senior Player Membership 2011: 79
Add Junior/Admin. members: 194

Total Senior Player Membership 2010: 95
Add Junior/Admin. members: 249

Total Senior Player Membership 2009: 103
Add Junior/Admin. members: 245

Total Senior Player Membership 2008: 92
Add Junior/Admin. members: 278

Total Senior Player Membership 2007: 63
Add Junior/Admin. members: 256

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