Notice of Annual General Meeting, May 22, 2014 @ 8:30 pm, CRFC Clubhouse

Notice of Annual General Meeting, May 22, 2014 @ 8:30 pm, CRFC Clubhouse

General Information 

The 2013-14 season is coming to its end, the executive with Paul Grantham at the helm has done a great job steering the Piggie Nation this very successful season.

After 4 years in the role, Paul will not be continuing as President.  With much love and respect for his tireless efforts, we thank Paul from the bottom of our hearts.

The AGM should be attended by all bona fide members interested in what the club is doing and the direction the club is going. There will be nominations and elections of Board Members that would hope to carry the momentum and follow the direction of the membership. All 13 positions are open for someone to be nominated in advance or from the floor. If only one person is nominated, that person shall be acclaimed. If no one is nominated, the position, unfortunately, goes vacant. If two or more people are nominated for a position, that position must be resolved by secret ballot at the AGM.

Who Can Vote? 

As long as dues have been paid and the member is in good standing for 2013-2014 the following may vote:

  • Senior Players
  • Social Members
  • Life members
  • Executive Members
  • Coaches and Staff

We do need more people to stand for the 13 elected positions and two appointed positions. We are always looking for new people and the CRFC Executive is not as daunting as perhaps one would think. The more positions we fill, the easier it is for the Board to work.

Please review the positions below and if interested make it known to a current club member who can nominate you for that position. Below is the list of positions and then a description of each position. Below that is a list of committees that also need to be filled. (All excerpts from the CRFC Constitution)

How do you get nominated? 

You need 2 members in good standing to nominate you for a position. Have them email your nomination to Sherry Spence at or John James After your nomination has been received, you will need to confirm your interest in writing (email works) to Sherry.

What positions are there? 

The Executive Board of the Society shall consist of thirteen elected members, the Immediate Past President and a Member at Large and Club Coach both appointed by the Executive.

Positions of the Executive Board:

  • President
  • Vice President Administration
  • Vice President Facilities
  • Vice President Game
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Club Captain
  • Senior Player’s Representative
  • Junior Player’s Representative
  • Social Convenor
  • House Committee Chairman
  • Fixtures Secretary
  • Publicity Chairman
  • Club Coach – Appointed by new Executive Board
  • Member at Large- Appointed by new Executive Board
  • Immediate Past President (not elected) – Currently John James

What are the responsibilities of the different positions?

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Shall assist the President relative to procedure and duties during his period of office. He will aid in assuring a continuity with respect to the activities of the Club and Executive Board. He will act as Chairman of the membership committee.

PRESIDENT: Shall supervise and support the work of all committees of the Executive Board. Guided by the constitution and bylaws, by the membership of the Society and prevailing circumstances, he/she will pursue the purpose of the Society as described in section 2 of the constitution. He/She has the ultimate responsibility of seeing that the wishes of the membership, as expressed by resolution at general meetings, are carried out. If he/she is experienced in the rules of procedure he/she may choose to preside at all meetings; otherwise, he will delegate this function, on a continuing basis, to the Vice President Administration. In the absence of both the President and VP Administration, some other director, chosen by the Executive Board, shall preside at Executive and General meetings.Shall attend to the business and represent the Club at all levels including the Sub-Union, Provincial and Canadian Unions. The President shall be an ex-oficio member of all committees of the Society. The Chairman of all meetings shall not have a vote except in the cases of an equal division of votes.

VICE PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION: The VP Administration shall be experienced in the rules of procedure for conducting meetings. He/She shall be responsible for chairing meetings if so requested by the President. Ensures that Club rules are followed.

Club representative on Player Ejection/Discipline matters. Liaise with the BCRU Disciplinary Committee. He/She shall ensure that the following Executive Committee members are aware of their responsibilities and that they carry out the same. Secretary, Treasurer, Social Convener, House Committee Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Member at Large

VICE PRESIDENT FACILITIES: Shall ensure that the following Club facilities are in good repair and are ready for use when required:
a)  Playing Area
i.   Field and Surrounds
ii.  Practice Field
iii. Goal Posts
iv. Scrum machine
v.  Maintenance equipment
b) Clubhouse
c) Change Rooms
d) Parking Lot
e) Perimeter Fencing
f) Walkways
g) Grandstand
h) Advertising Boards.
The responsibilities are best handled through a Facilities Management Committee.

VICE PRESIDENT GAME: Shall ensure that:
a) Each team fielded by the club has a coach, manager and medical support.
b) Liaison is maintained with the Fixtures Secretary regarding appropriate games for each team.
c) Each team has the required equipment to represent the Club:
i.  Playing Strip
ii. Game and Practice Balls
iii. Practice equipment such as scrum machine.
d) Liaison with Club Captain is maintained.
e) Liaison with Publicity Person takes place.
f) liaison is maintained with feeder schools for Juniors
g) The player’s representatives are active.

HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Shall operate and manage the business functions of the clubhouse including ensuring adequate stock is on hand for all events organized by the club. Ensure a staff member is available to tend to the members and guests while the event is on going. Liaise with the Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and Social Convener to work our schedules in advance. Keep a schedule of events posted at one month in advance.

SECRETARY: Shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and Society and shall attend all correspondence on behalf of the Society. The Secretary shall prepare notice of all meetings and shall prepare an agenda for each meeting. On an election of a successor, the Secretary shall give all dated copies of correspondence, records and all other pertinent information to such successor.

TREASURER: Shall keep all accounts of receipts and expenditures and all books and records of the Society dealing with financial matters of the Society. He/She shall receive all fees, dues and monies on behalf of the Society and shall be responsible for the production of such records for inspection on fourteen days notice at the request of the President or on the vote of the Executive Committee and at any General Meeting. He/She shall present to the Annual general meeting a complete financial statement for the fiscal year and, on behalf of the Executive Board, a proposed budget for the succeeding year.

FIXTURES SECRETARY: Maintain appropriate games for each team in regards to scheduling and field availability

CLUB COACH:  Through liaison with all active coaches, the playing captains and the Club Captain, shall be responsible for coaching and player development.

CLUB CAPTAIN:  Through communication with and example to members of all teams, shall strive to implement high standards of behaviour both on and off the field. He/She shall be a member of the Selection and Disciplinary Committees.

SENIOR PLAYER’S REPRESENTATIVE & JUNIOR PLAYER’S REPRESENTATIVE:  Shall provide the necessary liaison between players and the Executive Board.

MEMBER AT LARGE: Shall be defined annually by the Executive Board.


The following committees are outlined in and governed by the constitution:

Chaired by the Immediate Past President whose duties shall be to receive and compile nominations for positions up for election at the Annual General Meeting.

Shall be chaired by the Vice President Facilities and shall deal with all matters pertaining to the establishment, maintenance and development of the Club grounds and premises and also organize the pre game development of the fields.

Shall select the teams to represent the Club in the various competitions and shall inform the players of their selection. This Committee shall consist of all team coaches the Club Captain and all playing captains. The Committee shall be Chaired by the Club Coach.

Shall organize and operate the Annual banquet and such other social functions and special projects as it shall be decided, or as it shall be directed, so to do by the Executive Board. It shall be Chaired by the Social Convener.

Shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President and shall endeavour to promote all classes of Membership in the Society.

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