Piggie Merchandise available for order now!

The club is starting to gear up for the fall 2018 season by offering Piggie brand merchandise to members and supporters.

Piggie Hats

The first item available for order are ball caps.  These hats are made by the same company as the Red Arrow hats sold at Piggie Rugby Fest.  Those hats sold out within an hour!

Sample images and order details are online  http://www.cowichanrugby.ca/shop/merchandise/

The deadline for ordering is July 31st (sorry for the short notice).  The club will order a few extras if people miss the deadline but not too many.  Don’t delay, order now!

Player Kit

Socks and shorts are available at the concession. 

Sizes and pricing will be posted on http://www.cowichanrugby.ca/shop/merchandise/ 

CRFC Clothing Set

Stay turned for more information on a selection of CRFC clothing sets.  The club will be offering a variety of clothing sets starting this fall!  Stay tuned for more information!

Information will be posted on http://www.cowichanrugby.ca/shop/merchandise/ 

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