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Saturday, January 23, 2016

  • 1st Division Men @ Port Alberni Black Sheep, 1:00 pm K/O
  • Premier Women @ Castaway-Wanderers, 11:30 am K/O

Premier Women 17 Castaway-Wanderers 22

The Prem Ladies began their season last weekend hosting CW in a very hard hitting, close match.  

“We were happy with our result on Saturday,” team captain Sherry Spence said. “We were missing some backs that would have helped as CW is a very fast team. Fortunately, we had the stronger forward pack and we were able to keep it tight and power up the field with our forwards.”

Laura Russell, Carolyn Gudmundseth and team visitor Jess Belchos scored tries, and Brittney Brown slotted a conversion.

The Piggies will have a chance to even things up right away as they meet CW again this weekend at Windsor Park.

3rd Division Men “a lot”  Castaway-Wanderers “not as many”

Thanks to a lot of effort on the part of the VIRU, the 3rd Division league is back in action!  Our thanks to Andrew Spray for his hard work on the schedule.

Our mighty 3rds returned to play last Sunday at Windsor Park.  The Piggies scored early and scored often.  The team was a mixture of youth and ‘maturity’, featuring the entire Moss clan and Louis Gudmundseth at #10. 

CW were short on bodies so the Piggies loaned them a few players in the 2nd half.  Once the numbers evened up, CW fought back for a few tries.  

The 3rds rest this weekend and are back in action next weekend on our 2016 home opening games vs Nanaimo and Bayside (Prem Women). 

1st Division Men @ Port Alberni Black Sheep

The 1st Division Men are the last of the three senior teams to start up their season.  As fate would have it, the Piggies will face their last opponents the Port Alberni Black Sheep.  The last match up, at Piggie Park, the Times Cup Championship, went to the Sheep so the Piggies are hoping to exact some revenge and start out their run to the Cowichan Cup on the right foot.

Please note, the bus will not be travelling to Port this weekend but spectators are always appreciated

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