Piggies on the Road

This weekend all three senior teams and the U16 boys team hit the road!

Saturday, February 21:
1st Division Women @ Burnaby Lake RFC, 11:30 am K/O
1st Division Men @ Velox RFC, 1:00 pm K/O

Sunday, February 22:
U16 Boys @ Capilano RFC, 12:00 pm K/O BCRU Bowl Final
3rd Divison Men @ Velox RFC, 1:00 pm K/O

Game Preview

1st Division Women

At long last, the lovely lasses of the Black and Green will start the second half of their season with a road trip to Burnaby. The ladies had a successful first half, sitting second in the standings table behind UBC-Okanagan.

The BCRU has erased the first half standings from their website so it’s unclear if this portion of the season is considered new or if it was error. Regardless, the ladies will look to pick up where they left off and make the push to defending their BC Championship.

1st Division Men

The lads will be making the trip south to play against league leaders Velox. The Piggies have had a good few weeks playing a mixture of Times Cup and Cowichan Cup games, with wins over JBAA, Port Alberni, UVic Saxons, and Castaway-Wanderers and the lone loss again the UVic Norseman.

The 1st lost their first and only match against Velox in the fall (we did play and beat the Velox Academy team which has since folded) and will be looking to equalize, as well as gain ground in the Cowichan Cup competition.

U16 Boys

The U16 Boys will be traveling to North Vancouver on Sunday to play Capilano RFC for the BCRU U16 Bowl Final. This match was originally scheduled for November but was postponed due to poor field conditions.

We have some pretty fantastic U16s representing Cowichan Valley and the Cowichan Rugby Football Club (and 2 lads from Nanaimo). They represent a diverse range of experience within the game from first-time players to elite U16 gold medalists recently returned from the Vegas 7s. They have shown up light in numbers to every game, yet have played their guts out in true Piggie fashion, often dominating their opponents through grit, determination and unbreakable spirit.

The Piggie Nation will be cheering from afar – Go little Piggies go!

3rd Division Men

The Mighty 3rds will also travel to Velox this weekend (Sunday) for another ‘friendly’ match. The schedule for the 3rds was only written for February, pending results/turn-out/etc. So far so good. Hopefully the VIRU will publish a schedule to take the ol’fellas through the spring.

Game Report

1st Division Men vs Castaway-Wanderers

It’s been more than a few years since the Piggies hosted CW – since we competed in the Premier division, maybe 8 years or so ?? – so it was really great to have another Island club to compete against. Island teams bring their supporters which always makes a regular ol’game a bit of an event.

With their Premier side idle, we weren’t sure what exactly their 1st division team would look like. Would they be stacked or would we see the proper 1st division side? The end result was a bit of a mixture.

The game itself was a close, exciting affair with both team battling to the end. As always, the Piggies forwards were dominate and played particularly well considering they had a Canada front rower on the other side. The backs showed a lot of creativity with a few players in new positions, notably Gregor “Sure, I’ll play anywhere” Grantham on the wing!

The Piggies took an early 17-5 lead with tries from Pat Fraser, Ryan Spooner and Jenner Teufel and one convert from Danny Hamstra in the first half.

CW then fought back to even the game in the second half after some unfortunate missed tackles and sloppy penalties. But the Piggies fought back to win with a dying minutes try from big Brock Gowanlock and convert from Danny. Final score: 24-17

The Piggies got solid performances from everyone on the pitch and particularly from our youth corps!

Men of the Match
Forwards: Michael Henderson
Backs: Danny Hamstra

The full game is available on our website.

3rd Division Men vs Castaway-Wanderers

As infrequent as CW visits have been to Piggie Park to play our 1st team, a 3rd division game has been even rarer. CW brought up full side for abbreviated but hard fought game nonetheless. In the end, the Mighty 3rd prevailed 17-10 (scorers unavailable).

Men of the Match
Forwards: Laani Lloyd
Backs: Jeremy MacDowell

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