The Piggies win their 6th Times Cup!

Games this weekend:

  • 1st Division men @ UVic Saxons, k/o 11:15 am (note time change from original schedule)

1st Division Men 28 – Westshore 24

Cowichan Scorers:
Owen Wood: 3 penalties, 2 conversions
Louis Gudmundseth: 1 try
Bruce Moss: 1 try
Noah Dobson: 1 try

The historic Times Cup has once again found a home in the trophy case at CRFC after closely fought match against Westshore February 3rd at Piggie Park.  Cowichan went into this game with a 4-0 Times Cup record.  A win over Westshore would secure the Cup, and the Piggies were determined make sure that happened on home soil.  Westshore, of course, had other plans and made the Piggies work for everything, right to the final whistle.

The Piggies have demonstrated over and over that they can match up against the clubs with Premier sides.  As these Times Cup games happen on weekends when Premier sides are idle, the Piggies often find themselves playing a side peppered with a few Premier players.  The Westshore game was no different.  Perhaps because of these Premier players, the Piggies have consistently risen to the occasion – this year in particular.

The game opened with a penalty by Owen Wood but Westshore quickly countered with a try from a line-out that wasn’t well defended.  The Piggies struck back when the always impressive Cowichan forwards overpowered the Westshore pack, stole the ball, and a try in the corner by Louis Gudmundseth.   Again Westshore answered by scoring a converted try.  Just before the half, the Piggies restored their lead with another forwards try, this one scored by Bruce Moss.  Half time score:  15-12

The second half saw a significantly different Westshore side on the pitch as their Premier players were subbed on.  These players would have an impact but not exactly the way Westshore imagined or hoped.  Owen added 2 more penalties early in the half as Cowichan slowly built their league.  Westshore struck back with an unconverted try.  Undaunted, the Piggies went back to work and were rewarded a solid effort team try, finished by Noah Dobson. 

And then things got interesting.  Westshore started to pour on the pressure, scoring a converted try and then quickly putting pressure right back on following kick off. Westshore seemed to score in the corner but the touch judge lifted his flag before anyone noticed, thus nulifiling the try.  A few more minutes of tense play, ended with a forward pass by Westshore and then the final whistle. Final score:  28-24 

It was a well earned team victory for the young Piggies side.  They kept to their game plan, they stayed disciplined and focused under pressure, and were rewarded for their effort.  

For those who weren’t able to see the game, please enjoy these photos by Chris Wilson:

1st Division Women

The women traveled to Vancouver on February 3 to play Meralomas.  The Piggies were light on numbers but Lomas graciously agreed to match numbers so the match could be played.  It was most appreciated.

This weekend the ladies were supposed to have a match against Kamloops but it’s been cancelled due to low numbers.

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