Play-offs begin this weekend!

The second season begins this weekend at Piggie Park! 

1st Division Men host United RFC


The Piggies are hosting United RFC from Coquitlam this Saturday in the BC Rugby quarter finals.  The Piggies were supposed to play United earlier this season but the game was postponed due to snow, and the make up game didn’t happen due to a communication error at the BC Rugby office.  

This match-up is the result of the Piggies winning 2nd seed and United the 7th.  It’s been a half-dozen or more years since we’ve played United.  The last time was likely when CRFC participated in the BC Wide 1st Division. 

United is an unknown entity at this point.  Our only frame of reference is United’s most recent result against Langley – which was a loss last weekend.  Whereas the Piggies had a strong game and result against Langley several weeks back.  Whether either of these games are indicators of Saturday’s match remains to be seen.  The preparation is the same regardless of the opposition. 

Kick-off is 1:00 pm.  The concession will be open and the beer will be cold!  See you Saturday Piggie Nation – let’s pack those sidelines!

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