Cowichan Relegated to Tier 2

The first part of the Spring season was one to forget for Cowichan, but with injuries to key players, loss of potential impact players from Ontario to Victoria teams, several good local players taking some needed time off, and the unbalanced player distribution we currently have in the VIRU, it was inevitable.

It is very clear that if you play local players and try to promote local rugby, you will not compete in the BCRU Premiership. Until the BCRU properly administers the movement of players, evens up and enforces the rules regarding carded players, recruiting and Junior Programs, clubs like Cowichan and Capilanos will not be able to compete.

Can you believe the Capilanos got relegated! Holly smokes…..The two clubs that have produced the most Junior National players in the last 10 years can’t compete with local players on the field!

It appears as though the inner city teams, not satisfied with having 5-6 carded players, must also land a plethora of other non local players to ensure they stay at the top. I’ll say it again….unless the League fundamentally changes in the area of player movement rugby will constrict until there will be only 2-3 teams in the league.

In any event. We are in Tier 2 where the competition will be better for our club.

We do need more numbers out. Currently we only have enough to field one team on Saturday and one team on Sunday so we are hoping that now that the fear of playing a bunch of professional Canada players is behind us, we hope to get some more bodies out for this more balance Tier 2 league.

I had a lot more to say about what’s going on, but it got deleted as the negativity does not make it better.

The club will go back to it’s roots next fall and will not enter a Premier team in the VIRU Island Elite league. Our top team will play in the VIRU 1st Division where we have a chance to compete and get that winning spirit back and give us a chance to rebuild.

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