Road Trip Double

A rare double header on the road for both senior teams this weekend!

Games this weekend

Saturday, March 16
• 1st Division Women @ United RFC, k/o 12:00 pm
• 1st Division Men @ United RFC, k/o 1:30 pm
Please note, the bus will be full and not taking supporters. Those in the mainland wishing to see the Piggies, the game will be held at Hume Park in New Westminister.

1st Division Women

If it seems like a month since you’ve read any news about the women’s team, it’s because it has been! The last game the ladies played was February 2 when they were victorious against visiting Bayside.

It’s hard to know what to expect from a game where the competitors have played a combined 3 games in 2019 so far. Undoubtedly, both sides will be anxious to shake out the cob webs and build some momentum for the remainder of the season.

1st Division Men

The men will meet United for second time this season. The Piggies will be looking to exact some revenge on the home side who stole one from the Piggies when they played back in September. The Piggies will need a win or a bonus point this weekend to regain a top 4 spot in the standings… a spot they lost in the last game after an unsuccessful match against the Black Sheep.

A full game report is available on the Cowichan Valley Citizen on the Men’s last game. Our thanks for Kevin Rothbauer for his diligent coverage and attention to Cowichan Rugby.

Rescheduled Matches

At this time we have no information about rescheduling any of the matches lost to the snow last month. Once we know, we’ll let everyone else know

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