Saturday we take to the pitch, Sunday we take to the skies

2014-2015 Begins

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were celebrating our 1st Division Women’s BC Championship and our successful men’s season – and yet, here we are in September and getting ready to kick off the 2014-2015 season.

1st Division Men

As has become tradition over the past few years, the Piggies will start the season against the Nanaimo Hornets.  Originally starting out as a tribute to our mutual former member Wayne Peace, the game now known as the “Memorial Game” has become an important way for both clubs to pay tribute to our “absent friends/team mates”.   Piggies v Hornets games are always played with passion and much the same is expected for this weekend’s match.

Kick off is 2:30 pm at Bennett Park

1st Division Women

Our BC Champion 1st Division Women also start their 2014-2015 campaign against the Hornets.  Another fierce rivalry, the ladies are starting the season with a healthy roster and a desire to defend their championship.

Kick off is 1:00 pm at Bennett Park

Pigs Will Fly

Sunday September 14th is fast approaching and we are getting ready for a terrific day at the club!

There is going to be a whole bunch of skydiving going on with many CRFC members getting tandem skydives, and even Quinn doing a student jump!  It’ll be “Piggie style”… in other words, turn the day into something that will be fun for all!  Some of the fun and games will include a somewhat unusual 50/50 draw and an accuracy competition that involves kicking a rugby ball off an orange traffic pylon on landing!

On the ground, we will have several people at the club with video cameras and hopefully we’ll have our very own professional camera person there (provided she’s in town). The weather is supposed to be terrific so if there is no rain, we will have a PA system, music and, of course, the Cowichan peanut gallery to provide a running commentary on who is jumping and how well they performed (perhaps we’ll see some use of the game score cards??).

This will be a great opportunity for kids to see skydivers and parachute landings, so parents please feel free to bring your kids or better yet, stay with them after mini rugby!

There will also be opportunities for other people to decide on that day to arrange a tandem jump. The plane will be flying non stop and dropping people on the Piggie Park all day!

For those jumping:  please meet at the CRFC at 9:30 am so we can get the day organized. Members of Victoria Skydivers will be there to answer questions and keep the show on the road.

There is still have room for more jumpers!  If “fearless” Ed Hourihan and “the magnificent flying May Geach” can do this, then there are a whole lot of others who should be stepping up! This is going to be a very unique and fun opportunity. I hope everyone can make it out and enjoy! Come out early and you can help Guy pack Sherry’s parachute!!

It will forever be known as the day that Pigs actually flew.

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