The Legacy Continues

Last weekend was a busy weekend for the Black and Green.  All four teams were on the road and brought home a bag of mixed results.

U16 Boys – BCRU Bowl Champions

Another plaque for the wall!  A big congratulations to our U16 Boys for winning the Bowl Championship against Capilano in impressive style: 71-5! 

Going into the game last Sunday, the U16s hadn’t practiced together for 2 months – the game had originally been scheduled at the end of November but was postponed due to poor field conditions.  Coach Rogi and Manager Gina set off to North Van with only 12 hardy souls due to a few last minute cancelations and one no show.

The team basically had the warm up to shake off the considerable rust and get reacquainted. Twenty minutes on, the lads started getting excited. 

71-5 sounds great, but to witness the relentless attack was truly awesome. Every single player put his heart and body on the line and the rewards were there for the reaping.  12 personal bests were reached and each of those lads have earned the Cowichan creast upon their chest!

We could not name man of the match due to such a tremendous team effort.

The players who made the trip were:

Ryan Bonar

David Bournazel

Cole Dryer – 2 tries

Dallin Foreman

Lucky Jones – 1 try (his first try as a Piggie)

Jessie DiCarlo – 1 convert

Ty Benson 

Owen Harvey (captain) – 1 try

Miles Boulten – 1 try

Colten Smith – 2 tries (first game back after being out all season with a knee injury sustained in the first practice of the year)

Jamie Largue – 2 tries 7 converts

David Wicks – 2 tries

A special note of thanks to coach Rogi Young and manager Gina Taylor.  

This was Rogi’s inaugural year coaching at Cowichan.  He did a great job with a mixed bag of players, some playing for several seasons, and some as green as the grass on the pitch.  The boys responded to his tutelage with Piggie Pride, learning not just respect for themselves, teammates and others on the pitch but many off field lessons as well.  

This was particularly evident last Sunday when with only 12 players showed up for the finals.  It was very disappointing to lose 4 players in 24 hours and Rogi and Gina wondered if they should bother to make the trip.  The question was put to the boys whether or not they wanted to make the trip to Capilano, there was no hesitation the game was on!   This team came together because of Rogi’s leadership, passion for the game and love of the Club.

1st Division Women 

The women’s team travelled across to the mainland this past Saturday for their first game since the Christmas break.  With their fearless leader Taffy at the helm, the women mounted their trusty steed that is the rugby bus to cross the channel.

It was indeed a great day for rugby – the sun was shining and the pitch was perfect. Our women were raring to strap on their boots for their first ever match against Burnaby Lake women’s team.

Having lost our starting fly half, Quinny to the flu and hooker Rebecca “Cali “ Saari to school commitments, the women had several people playing out of position. A big thank you to Sam “Eleanor” Rigby for stepping into the engine room to play hooker and to Stacey “Badger” Collison, who, despite seeing her shadow this weekend, remained above ground to lead our back line from the number ten position.

Despite the enthusiasm of the young Burnaby side, Cowichan gained control of the game from the first whistle and never looked back.  Leading the charge was scrum half and captain of the day Michelle “Schmell” Moore. Cowichan’s forwards dominated in the rucks and line-outs with Nenagh “Ninja” McCulloch stealing several balls from unsuspecting Burnaby players. Laura “the Muscle” Russell made her presence known, wreaking havoc on the opposition with her hard hitting and phenomenal running skills. Sherry “Shitty” Spence and Jess “I’m Sorry” Pederson were solid as usual, running hard off the ball and shutting down the attack up the seams. Kaelyn “KK” Palmer rose to the challenge at kick off (finally) and earned herself some just rewards. This game saw Michelle “Mevans Junior” Evans first start for the senior women at flanker – a natural fit. Tanya “The Terrier” Ness subbed in at half and made life miserable for Burnaby’s number 10.

Thanks to the hard work of the Cowichan forward pack and excellent support, Cowichan’s back line executed their plays and capitalized on almost every scoring opportunity. Rebecca “Check out my Abs” Kerswell broke several tackles before being the first to cross the line from about 40 meters out. After some taunting from the Burnaby sideline, Carolyn “Don’t Call Me Old” Gudmundseth crossed the line next after being brilliantly set up by Badger and Jenna “Bug” Bugden. The flood gates opened from there with great runs and support by the entire back line including winger Amoray “Twiggy” Aloisi who fielded several kicks. If there was had any defence to talk about it would be mentioned, but the Burnaby side rarely eluded Cowichan’s strong defensive line.

While Burnaby was able to get on the board in the second half, scoring one try, they were unable to break the momentum of the Cowichan Women.  The final score was 68-5 with tries scored by:  Rebecca Kerswell, Carolyn Gudmundseth (5), Nenagh McCulloch (2), Jenna Bugden (2), Michelle Evans and Michelle Moore.  Converts were scored by Michelle Moore (3) and Rebecca Kerswell.  

Rikki “The Coyote” Wylie made her rugby debut at number 11 and proved she is a natural – watch out for this girl! Cowichan was very excited to welcome back one of the original members of the women’s program – hard-nosed, tough as nails Kimberley “The Force” Garside. Great to have her back!

All in all it was a true team win with everyone contributing and playing with plenty of Piggie Pride!

The Cowichan women hope to continue this trend when they take on the Brit Lions in Vancouver this Saturday, February 28.

1st and 3rd Division Men

Both Senior Men’s teams travelled to Victoria to play Velox last weekend with disappointing results.  Coming off a solid set of wins over CW the weekend before, the 1st division men stumbled against Velox losing 38-19 and the 3rds 7 ties to 3.

The 1st division men have a bye this weekend and the 3rds play the combo side of Nanaimo/VIU on Sunday @ 1 pm

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