On Top and Looking for More

This weekends’ fixtures

Saturday, March 29

1st Divison Women: Kelowna vs Cowichan  KO 11:30 at Piggie Park
3rd Division Men: Cowichan vs Comox KO 1:00pm ~ in Port Alberni
1st Division Men: Cowichan @ Port Alberni  KO @ 2:30 at Port Alberni

U14 Piggies vs Bow Valley RFC (Alberta) KO 1:30 pm at Piggie Park *
U16 Boys vs Bow Valley RFC (Alberta) KO 3:00 pm at Piggie Park

*The Juniors are still looking for someone to referee the U14 game. Please contact Kenton if you can help.


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The Greenest Grass on the Island

Last weekend, th Nanaimo folks were commenting on how good our fields were compared to others they have played on including theirs. They asked how the Municipality deals with all heavy useage etc. at the Piggie Dome.  They couldn’t believe that we actually look after our own fields (or that we owned them, apparently?).  Kudos to Mossy and Granny for their continued great work keeping the pitches is such great shape.


On Top and Looking for More

With the 1st XV Men off this past weekend, all eyes were on the match between Velox and Nanaimo, at Velox, this weekend.  Everyone picked Velox to easily beat Nanaimo at home, which would have the Gordon Head squad overtake Cowichan in the standings.  As we witnessed two weeks ago, Nanaimo is a big, tough team and iIf you understimate them look out!  Nanaimo took the game from velox 24-22, which by all account is a bit of an upset.  But don’t forget Port Alberni also beat Velox a few weeks back up in Port.  As well, Port also got a default win over Comox this past weekend so the standings are tight as ever with 2 league games remaining.   The top 4 teams are definitely keeping things interesting.  
Going into this weekend, the standings are as follows:

  1. Cowichan 45pts (14-2 record overall including 5-0 in Times Cup play)
  2. Velox 43pts (8-6 record overall including 3 games vs Prem clubs)
  3. Nanaimo 40pts (10-8 record overall including Times Cup play)
  4. Port Alberni 39pts. (10-7 record overal including Times Cup play)
Cowichan has two big games left.  First, this weekend vs Port Alberni up in the Alberni Valley.  The last time we visited their home park, they came away with a 53-13 win over us.  With their recent success vs Velox, a team we only tied 3 weeks ago, there is little doubt this will be a doosey.  The Sheep’s Ty Shannon is the league leader in points scored.  The boys will their work cut out for them for sure.

Velox plays the Velox Academy, Nanaimo has a 5 pt. bp win vs Comox (forfeit) this weekend so the race to see who gets home field advantage is red hot!
Games Reports

1st Division Men vs. Nanaimo

Cowichan’s last game against Nanaimo was a good one. In a torrential down pour, the locals held Nanaimo from scoring a try in their 18-6 win. Danny Hamstra and Owen Wood scored tries for Cowichan and Cam Hall booted 2 penalties & a convert in the solid win. Peter Budina and Rob McDonnell were named Men of the Match.

Line up for Cowichan vs Nanaimo,

1: Malcolm Sacht (Ladysmith HS)
2: Gregor Grantham (Cowichan HS)
3: Dan James (Frances Kelsey HS)
4: Louis Gudmunseth (C) (Cowichan HS)
5: Ty Jones (Frances Kelsey HS)
6: Pat Fraser (Shawnigan Lake School)
7: Ian Manly (Shawnigan Lake School)
8: Rob McDonnell (Frances Kelsey HS)
9: Danny Hamstra (Shawnigan Lake School)
10: Cam Hall (Ladysmith HS)
11: Owen Wood (Shawnigan Lake School)
12: Andrew Gudmundseth (Cowichan HS)
13: Gabrial Farrell (I) (Scotland)
14: Will Wheaton (Shawnigan Lake School)
15: Peter Budina (Ireland) no longer considered and Import.
16: Russell Robertson (in for 12 @ 65min) (Shawnigan Lake School)
17: Bruce Moss (in for 7 @ 65 min (Frances Kelsey HS)
18: George Bantin  (I) (in for 11 @ 70 min) (England)

1st XV Scoring,

Owen Wood with 73 pts
Rob McDonnell with 30 pts
Cam Hall with 30 pts.
Gabe Farrell with 20 pts
Louis Gudmundseth with 15 pts
Mike Needham with 15 pts.
Mike Rea with 10 pts
Jordan Weisner with 10 pts
A bunch with 5 pts

1st Division Women

Good couple of weeks for the Women who have finally managed to get a few games played!   In the game vs Nanaimo, the ladies came back for a hard fought 24-24 tie.

Cowichan 34 vs. Ridge Meadows 11:  A unknown team to us.  This was the team we were supposed to play 3 weeks ago when they cancelled it on us due to snow, but only after we were off the ferry!  The game was rescheduled to this past weekend so off the ladies went with only 14 players and mostly forwards.  A forfiet was out of the question as we needed to get some games in.  Oh, and someone forgot to assign a referee so the Ridge Meadows coach had to step in !

After a quick warm up, we kicked off and it wasn’t long until Laura Russell ( playing centre) crashed over the line.  Laura had a stormer – she got 3 tries and 2 converts!  Carolyn got 1 and with help from forwards driving a maul, Sherry was able to get the ball down twice. 

This weekend coming, the ladies are playing at home vs Kelowna this next weekend hopefully with our full roster!

2nd Division Men

We have a very strong 2nd XV who are rumbling through the season without a loss.

This past weekend we travelled to Castaway Wanderers and came away with a convincing 57-13 victory.

The week before the 2nds hosted Vancouver Island University.  It was VIU’s first ever game and we are very proud to have been a part of it.  The Piggies won 36-0 against a young, fairly well organized and enthusiastic group.

Our boys are on a run and hopefully our success will lead to a good playoff run. The seconds are undefeated so far this season. We’ll see what the BCRU has up their sleeves for our playoff fortunes in the next little while.

Mainland Politics
The mainland is heavily lobbying to change the playoff structure for this year. They want to have the Island #1 team moving to BCRU playoffs seeded at #3 . Down a position from last year’s the #2 seed.  This was the structure agreed upon at the start of league play this year.
This move came all of a sudden and we were advised what they were up to only last week. This would mean no playoff dates for the island champion on the island.
As compared to last year, the VIRU is actually up one team and the mainland are down teams. Last year the mainland was afforded the #1, #3 & #4 seed with the #2 seed going to the island. Now they want to advantage themselves by not only having 3 seeds in the playoffs, but the top 2 seeds. If you do the math, the island is way under represented in the area of seedings. Next year the VIRU will use this match to our advantage and go after #2 seed in the playoffs. The island is way stronger this year and to have us dropped from #2 to #3 is a ploy to disadvantage the stronger island team set this year.  God help an island team winning the 1st Division and being promoted to Premiership.
Clearly the top two teams on the mainland are very strong – Seattle & UBC.  Seattle has a good number of US Eagles on their squad which is cool. None of them are supported by any National body therefore not classed as carded players. Seattle has made their intentions very clear that they don’t like the politics and want to get it done on the field – something we agree with. There’s been a lobby to exclude Seattle from Premiership play, but, our executive is quite clear on the fact that Seattle is, and has been, a good member of the BCRU for many years, were once a Premier side, and have been following the rules for entry into the league. If they win it, we don’t see how anyone can stop their progress. UBC is also very good., beating U-Vic twice, as well as beating the best in the US College system, Cal, this past weekend. A very good program for sure. With good teams on the island, it should make for an exciting wind-up to the season.

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