Triple Header Weekend

This weekends games:  Piggies Host Hornets

Mother Cowichan beckons the Piggie Nation home!

Saturday, March 15

  • BC Wide 1st Division Women: Nanaimo Hurricanes vs Cowichan Piggies KO @ 11:30
  • NVIRU 3rd Division Men: Vancouver Island University Storm vs Cowichan Piggies KO @ 1pm
  • VIRU 1st Division Men: Nanaimo Hornets vs Cowichan Piggies KO @ 2:30pm

This will be the first game ever for the VIU Storm. Cowichan is very excited to host and show these students good old Piggie hospitality. Let’s all turn out to support both Cowichan and VIU – lots of local players on the VIU team (Taffy’s kid etc.)

Last Weekend’s Results:

1st Div. Men vs Comox: 20-0 + Bonus to Cowichan

Comox defaulted to us on Saturday so the Piggies get a 5 point Bonus Point win in the standings.

1st Div. Women 29 vs Britannia Lions 10 

Finally, the first game for the women and a good one to put in the W column.  The scoreline was 29-10 and with Carolyn Gudmundseth back and rumoured reports the Brandi Van Eeuwen is back to play for the club bodes well for the team.

Club registration for the women is up by 4 players for a total of 23. This is great news and from the numbers at training this past week, the women’s program is moving forward.

3rd Div Men 48 vs Castaway Wanderers 17 

Great turnout of players for the Piggies. CW came up to play but only had 11 bodies so Cowichan loaned 4 bodies through the game.  Cowichan had a full squad out on the day and the young speedsters got another game under their belt.

Scoring for the Piggies:

Bruce Moss 2 trys

Jordan Weisner 2 trys

Darren Olsen 1 try

Cam Jervis 1 try

Will Wheaton 1 try

Gregor Grantham 1 try

Cam Hall 3 Converts.

League Standings:

The 1st Division men, by virtue of their 5 points secured this past weekend, are tied atop the table with 37 pts. This, combined with the Velox 16-8 loss to Port Alberni, now has the Piggies in a tie for 1st place.

Nanaimo, who hammered the Velox Academy are right on our tails with 36 pts. and Port Alberni bring up the playoff four with 33 points.

At this point of the season, any of these four teams can challenge for top spot and the coveted home field for VIRU semi-finals and the Cowichan Cup VIRU Championship.

Cowichan still have a steep hill to climb but we control our own fate.  We play Nanaimo, Port Alberni and Velox once more before the end of the season, starting with the huge double points game vs Nanaimo this weekend at home.

Velox: 37 Pts. (Tiebreak to Velox by virtue of the head to head match-ups between Cowichan & Velox to date)

Cowichan: 37 Pts.

Nanaimo: 36 Pts.

Port Alberni: 33 Pts.

Velox Academy: 6 Pts.

Comox: 1 Pts.

Mainland League Watch:

Seattle Orcas seems to be the team to beat in the 16 team BC wide 1st Division. They play in the Okanagen Springs Mainland Division and are having their way with the Canadian clubs. They played 3rd place Richmond recently and came away with a convincing 47-10 victory. This past weekend Seattle played the USA U-20 side heading off to the World Cup. Seattle won 42-20. Right after that game 7 Seattle players were named to the USA Senior Men’s National team camp for their upcoming 2 World Cup qualifier fixtures vs Uruguay. Very formidible squad.  Seattle hosts Bayside this weekend which will be a test as to their depth. They also travel to UBC in a couple of weeks so that should settle 1st place in the Mainland League.

Interesting Comments from Burnaby RFC, (posted on BCRN) a club that I liken to Cowichan

BLRC Premier 18 – CW 8

Many at the club had read the reports, watched the videos and talked to the players & coaches of the teams that the Oak Bay Premier men had rolled over in the past few weeks, and allowed thoughts of defeat to enter their minds. “These guys are Professionals, they’re bigger than us. They work out all day so their stronger than us. They train all day so their faster + fitter than us” …would be reasonable thoughts for the plumbers, welders + electricians who take the field for the BLRC every Saturday. Instead, only the word “challenge” crossed the minds of the team. Since Tuesday that was the word in every conversation at training, in the weight room and in the clubhouse. The CW lineup was a “who’s who” of Canadian Rugby; National Team players Tiedemann, Buydens, Phelan, Kleeburger, Scholz not to mention the talented Buckley, Morris, Braddock, Ilnicki, etc arrived at Burnaby Lake to challenge the Blue & White in a match that was highly publicized on the BCRU website. The BLRC rose to meet that challenge

This past weeks training:

Tuesday saw light training for the Men and then a video review of the Velox game.  Thursday saw plenty of bodies out for the men and women.  The club is having some success with having some quality sessions by guest coaches this season which has gone over very well.

This past Thursday we had the Canada Women’s XVs head coach, Francois Ratier and Les Gilson, Rugby Canada’s High Performance Manager Atlantic Canada on deck for sessions with both the Men and Women.  The sessions were well received and were well run by both the men and women. Later on the Guest coaches were invited into the club for the traditional Cowichan friendly with some refreshments and lots of song.

VIRU Meeting:

The biggest topic for the meeting Wednesday is the challenge for the Victoria Premier Teams (CW, U-Vic & JBAA) if the Seattle RFC win the 1st Division Title and are promoted into the Premier League.  The objections to Seattle being in the Premier League for a number of reasons were discussed at last evenings VIRU meeting.

-Travel costs and over the border issues will be too cumbersome for the Island Premier Clubs;

-The insurance issue (apparently this has now been corrected);

-Seattle has different controls on the player personnel on their roster.  Many National players and we have no control over who plays for them. (ie: carding, imports etc.);

-The team that will be relegated has now been determined to be the Meralomas (never been relegated);

-An American (foreign) team will replace a BC Team in the BC League.

Cowichan’s Position

-Cowichan’s goal is a BC Championship at all levels. Seattle has to come through the VIRU to become BC Champions. A VIRU Club may host Seattle in a semi-final or play Seattle in the BC 1st Division final on the Mainland in May. Our goal is to earn the position of representing the VIRU as Cowichan Cup Champions (a ways to go yet!) Blue Collar Boys vs the Who’s Who of USA Rugby.

-If Seattle wins the 1st Division and gets promoted, not our problem. Move on.

A possible solution would be to have single team events in the Premier League and include Seattle. The Island Premier clubs 2nd XV could play in the VIRU 1st Div. League and the Premier teams would play in the Premier League. The costs would be way down and Seattle could easily be included.

The BCRU is examining the extraordinary costs of travel to far away places (Seattle, Kelowna, Kamloops etc.) There is a disproportionate amount of lengthy travel for island and interior teams if the only option is to play in a BC Wide league.

If the 3 Island Premier Clubs decided to play in the VIRU 1st Div. League that would be super for Island Rugby. There would have to be adjustments made to the make-up of teams. I refer to the earlier Burnaby comments.

Other VIRU Tidbits:

It was brought to the attention of the BCRU (CEO Jim Dixon was at the meeting) via the Seattle Premier discussion that the current Rules of Competition cover Seattle and the Import Rule  but do not cover Seattle regarding the Carding Rule.  In other words, a Canadian BCRU member Club is allowed only 3 players on their game roster that are funded in any part by the National body, or Rugby Canada. The rule further states that no team may roster a combination of Carded and Imports that total more than 4 players.

Seattle’s imports are controlled, yet their USA Rugby rostered players are not. It was brought up that there are 9 USA Rugby players that have moved to the Pacific Northwest and perhaps are playing for Seattle/OPS Rugby.  Technically they can play as many USA Rugby funded players as they want as the current rules do not cover this area.  It was brought forward that this must be actioned immediately for the Competition Committee to review and level the playing field for them to compete in the league.

So, in my view, Seattle could end up playing a BCRU Div 1 Semi Final against a VIRU club with 3 Imports and as many carded players as they want.

There will be a BC Women’s team Open tryout at Cowichan this Sunday, March 23 starting at 1pm. Go to the BCRU website for more details. There was much concern that the only camps for the BC team were to be held at Velox when a larger proportion of Women’s players are on the North Island.
High School News

Cowichan RFC will be hosting/inviting the Frances Kelsey High School Boys team to the club for the Nanaimo event this Saturday. A long time Cowichan member will be purchasing a meal from the concession for every Kelsey player that comes out.

March 6

Frances Kelsey HS (Mill Bay) 29 vs Brentwood College 2nd XV 15.

Port Alberni apparently beat Cowichan High. Not sure of the score.

March 27 KO’s at 3pm (not confirmed)

Brentwood hosts Cowichan

Frances Kelsey hosts Port Alberni

April 3rd KO’s at 3pm (not confirmed)

Brentwood hosts Port Alberni

Cowichan hosts Nanaimo

We don’t have a copy of the girls program (hint:  someone please send one to John or Denise)

Finally, the BC High School Girls Championships will be hosted by Port Alberni this year!

Unregistered Players – The Continuing Saga

Competition Committee recent rulings on Unregistered Players and Penalties.

JBAA: Unregistered player on their Feb. 23, 2014 3rd Division game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game
Scribes RFC: Unregistered player on their Feb 15th, 2014 3rd Division game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game
United Rugby Club: Unregistered player on their Feb 15th, 2014 Division 2 Okanagan Spring Brewery game sheet

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game


United Rugby Club: Unregistered player on their Feb 15th, 2014 Division 1 Okanagan Spring Brewery game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game


Vancouver Rowing Club: Late Game Sheet and Unregistered members on their Feb 16th, 2014 U14 Game sheet:

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game


Vancouver Rowing Club: Late Game Sheet and Unregistered members on their Feb 16th, 2014 U16 Game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game


Richmond RFC: Late submission and Unregistered player on their Feb 1st, 2014 3rd Division game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game


Velox Valhallian RFC: 2 ineligible players (1 Unregistered player and 1 too old for the league) on their Feb 10, 2014 U14 Game sheet.

Fine: $200

Points: 4 points deducted and loss of any bonus points for this game.

We’re Famous  – The Big Yellow Bus

The bus will now be seen in the show that’s shooting in Victoria – Gracepoint.  It’s been hired as a prop for the shooting of several scenes.  It has signs on it saying “Gracepoint High”

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