Weekend Preview – May 7th

Okanagan Spring Brewery League 1 – Semi Final Action at Piggie Park, Saturday May 7th

The Cowichan Piggies, currently on a 5 game winning streak will take on Richmond RFC @ 2:30 pm this coming Saturday, May 7th.

Richmond is one of the Piggies’ recently vanquished foes in their current streak. Richmond, however, is coming off a big victory against Velox last weekend. Richmond’s victory over Velox was a triple whammy. Combined with a Piggies victory and the Velox defeat, Cowichan claimed 2nd place and home field advantage, Richmond moved to 3rd place and Velox ended up in 4th place.

This will be the last home game of the season and we hope to see all the Piggie Nation in attendance!

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