Young season, young (and not so young) teams

The Piggies were very busy last weekend – from juniors all the way to ol’boys.

1st Division Men 31 – Westshore 40

Last weekend, the our young 1st division men hosted Westshore.  Though a loss, it was solid outing for the Piggies. 

Frankly, it could have been ugly.  Westshore brought a good calibre side, with size and experience.  Westshore opened the game with a push over try.  Not something the Piggie Nation is used to see happening to us.  WS struck again quickly before the Piggies got their bearings.  Slowly and surely, the Piggies started to fight back.  Half time score was 21-12 to WS.

The second half was a different story.  The Piggies tied the game twice and had momentum at the end…. just 5 minutes more and who knows?  In the end, defensive lapses and a slow start were too much to overcome.  

There were a lot of positives to take from the day and lots of things to focus on going forward.  But most importantly, the team demonstrated a lot of Cowichan heart!  

Cowichan Scorers:

Sean Williams – 1 try
Daycon Hicks- 1 try
Rob McDonnell- 1 try
Arthur Gray – 1 try
Tanner Gresmak- 1 try
Owen Woods – 3 converts

The men host United this weekend in their first BC-wide 1st division league.  The game time will be 12:30 pm instead of 1:00 pm.

1st Division Women

The women’s team struggled for numbers last weekend – injuries, absences, etc.  Fortunately, Westshore had a few bodies to spare so the game could happen!  It was most appreciated.  For the women’s team, this half of the season is all about development with the hopes that clubs can gain numbers! 

The women have a bye this weekend.

Nooky Woods – Ol’Boys

Courtesy of Coach Ian Murray

For the first in more years than I care to remember the Nooky Wood hopped on the bus for a trip over the Hat to do battle with The Ebb Tide.  We walked onto the Mac on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, there was a breeze blowing down into Coffin Corner and I nervously glanced at the oppositions bench to see if Bobby Ross was stretching his kicking leg.

We were joined on the day with 8 or 9 Yoos to Bees out of Nanaimo, luckily they had a strong contingent of backs because we only brought the Ageless One Coos… If you talked to Cowichan’s old guard they would say that was one too many 😉

The game paused briefly for a moment of silence for our fallen brother Mel Davidson before the game began.  Nooky Wood had a few good phases through the forwards and then the ball was spun out to the backs who kicked away possession straight into the welcoming arms of their quickest back who promptly scored – 5-0 Ebb Tide.  Unsurprisingly I heard “cut his leg off” murmured from the cheap seats.

We regained possession you guessed it thru our forwards and, after many phases Akira The Ironman playing at scrum-half dotted down for our first try – 5-5 t.

After much toing and froing, copious substitutions and near cardiac arrest (note to self add an AED to the med kit} each team scored again and we went into the half tied at 10 a piece.  The half time strategy talk was lead by 25 guys yelling for attention which seemed to work because we scored 2 unanswered tries to take the game 20-10.

We assembled in the Bunker for beers and were treated to a fine shepherds pie and salad.  Blumer and Louis nipped their rival MOM’s by a thimble in the all important boat race.  One of the Yoos To Bees also won the bottle draw which was cracked immediately, somehow ended up on the bus and was drained before we reached Piggy Park.

Thanks go out to the Ebb Tide for the hosting, the referee for a great job officiating and Vader’s partner Kalene for bartending.  All in all, a grand time was had by all and Rugby was definitely the winner on the day.

Junior Rugby

The littlest Piggies were very busy last weekend!  

  • Mini Rugby and U-14 Boys – trained 
  • U-16 Boys hosted Nanaimo (no score available)
  • U-19 Boys visited Westshore and won 96-26 (they also beat Nanaimo the weekend before)
  • U-14 Girls hosted Westshore/CW/J-Bay (no score available)
  • U-16/U-18 Girls hosted Comox/Nanaimo (no score available)

Judy Teasdale took some awesome pictures of the U14 girls last weekend.  Anyone interested in purchasing photos from Judy can contact her through her Facebook page

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