2013 Season, so far

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Weekend Results

The 1st Div Men travelled up to Comox this past weekend.  20 Players rode the bus with a good group of supporters.  Several starters and players nursing small injuries were able to stand down which bodes well for the club.  The men came away with a 43-8 victory leaving the squad 4-0 on the season and 3-0 in the All Important Cowichan Cup standings.

Thanks to Comox who gallantly reorganized the day as Cumberland Park was closed due to sogginess.  It’s always great to support the North Island Clubs who will struggle a bit while they get their feet wet in the higher division.

The 3rds were down at Velox on Sunday, so with both teams split, it was a little more difficult to field a full teams. Only 14 bodies showed up at Velox.  It’s not sure how we ended up with the low body count when we’re getting so many to training – possibly a combination of several who were out with illness, and a communication glitch (HINT:  a manager for this side would help immensely)

The boys were up against a fomidible Velox crew who have triumphed over the Island 3rd Div for the last few years.  Sporting several oldsters from their Premier days,
Velox are a large, skilled group that up until Sunday, feasted on the Cowichan 2nd XV.  Playing 14 players vs 15, the Pigiges played the game with youth and exuberance.  Down by 3 tries at the start of the second half, Cowichan came back to settle the score at 17 apiece, stunning the weary old veterans from Gordon Head.  The young guns from Cowichan can hold their heads high on the day. A victory of sorts (in this case a tie was as good as a win) over Velox 3rds after 8 consecutive losses.

Fall Season, so far

Interesting to note that this past week, although there was not a game this weekend, the parking lot was crowded and with about 50 bodies on the field.

It’s also great to see some new players arriving as we move on with the season.  The club is seeing a resurgence in numbers and clearly the players & staff are having fun and as well as playing some good rugby. But probably the thing that has swung the clubs fortunes about is that we are not travelling 7-8 times a season to the mainland.  It’s really tough for people that work, go to school and who have families to give up whole weekends to travel to play a game on the weekend in Vancouver/Kamloops or Seattle.  Going back to our roots is working and the club is benefiting in all areas.

Some comparisons from some the start of the fall 2012 season to this year:

-2012 Tuesday training nights: 10-15 players out. (8 on crappy weather nights)
-2013 Tuesday training nights: 25-30 players out
-2012 Thursday training nights: 20-22 players out
-2013 Thursday training nights: 37-42 players out.

Men’s 1st XV:

-2012: Cowichan 1st XV were 1-3
-2013: Cowichan 1st XV are 4-0

-Over the 1st 4 games of the 2012 season 34 pts for & 103 pts against.
-Over the 1st 4 games of the 2013 season we are 175 pts. for & 18 points against.
-141 points for differential season to season.
-85 point against differential season to season.

Men’s 2nd XV:

Over the 1st 4 games of the 2012 season we were 1-3 with 32 pts. for & 141 pts against.
Over the 1st 3 games of the 2013 season we are 2-0-1 with 56 pts for & 22 pts against.

With all this said, these are only statistics.  We have some formidable tasks coming up in short order.  This is a weekend off for all rugby. This upcoming weekend weekend we take on Nanaimo (both teams) who are fresh off 2 victories against Port Alberni and the Velox Academy. Nanaimo is always tough at home and will certainly be up for the task vs Cowichan considering their visit to us 3 weeks ago.

The second half of the fall season is good for Cowichan with 7 good, tough games between now and Dec 7th.  The schedules for all teams can be found on our website.

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