Annual General Meeting – May 24, 2018

All members of the Cowichan Rugby Club are invited to attend the 2018 AGM.

Date:  May 24, 2018
Time:  8 pm
Location:  CRFC Clubhouse 1860 Herd Road, North Cowichan BC

Order of Business:

  1. Review, adoption of, and business arising from the minutes of the most recent General Meeting
  2. Review of correspondence
  3. The reports of the Executive, in order listed in section 4.1
  4. Election of the Executive
  5. Financial statements and next year’s budget
  6. Announcement of Honourary Members
  7. Proposed amendments, if any, to the Constitution and/or Bylaws
  8. New business

Notice of Motion:

Be it so moved that the members of the Cowichan Rugby Club resolve to repeal and replace the existing Constitution and Bylaws of the Cowichan Rugby Club, 1997, with the following documents to meet the requirements of the Societies Act of British Columbia:

Cowichan Rugby Club Constitution, 2018
Cowichan Rugby Club Bylaws, 2018

Moved by:  Angie Gudmundseth
Seconded by:  Mike Moss

Both proposed documents can be reviewed on the Club website as well as the current constitution and bylaws.

Reason for motion: 

This motion is being presented to the members to meet the requirements of the new Societies Act, which came into force in November 2026.  All not-for-profit societies, such the Cowichan Rugby Club, have until November 28, 2018 to transition their Constitutions and Bylaws to comply with the new requirements of the legislation or risk loosing its status as a not-for-profit society.  

Highlights of changes:

Legislation requires that societies that use a single document for constitution and bylaws document must create two documents. 

Constitutions are to be simple documents that state the purpose of the organization and name of the organization only. 

The most significant change is all references to unalterable clauses are no longer permitted and have been moved to the bylaws.

Bylaws are all details that define your club’s governance structure and operations.  The existing bylaws are largely in tact but have been modernized and supplemented with additional clauses required by legislation.

Members are encouraged to review all documents and bring all questions to the meeting.  All changes will be explained and questions will be answered at the meetin

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