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Please ensure that you are registered.  The BCRU are empathic there will be severe penalties for unregistered players being on the field.  Just so we’re clear on what this means:

  • Players that have been on the field in 2014 are all registered;
  • Coaches, Managers, Physios also have to be registered;
  • If you are not on the printed registration sheet by Saturday morning, you will not play or be able to be on the field in a official capacity. 3rd Div. players take note please;
  • If you think you might not be registered, you need to see the manager or registrar before Saturday.  You can register at the Club online tonight;
  • John James will be checking rosters against registrations prior to every game.

Again, If you have a feeling you are not registered, please check with club officials before you enter the field of play.  All players considering playing this weekend MUST be registered by Friday afternoon.  If you can’t make it to the Club tonight, please do it yourself by going to the BCRU website. Once you register, please print off your receipt for your records and bring it to the game.

The penalties are monetary and a loss of points in the standings.  Your club and teammates have worked too hard this season to forfeit any money or points because players haven’t taken care of their registration obligations.  Please take care of this TODAY.

Last Week – Snow Days

Last weekend was a bust for the club as all games were cancelled due to snow, but extenuating circumstances cost the club more than just 3 games.

The Women’s 1st XV, all set for their first game this Spring, set off for the mainland to take on the Ridge-Meadows RFC in Maple Ridge. Unfortunately, and despite measures taken by CRFC, Ridge-Meadows contacted the Cowichan team as they were leaving the ferry on the Mainland side that the game was cancelled due to weather.  The bus had to turn around and catch the next ferry back. The CRFC Executive has applied to the BCRU for compensation for the costs incurred by the club (About $900.00)

The men meantime were to play 2 big games in Nanaimo. The game were cancelled due to snow on the field in the Hub City and these games will have to be made up somehow. The current option available is to have a double points game when we host the Hornets next month.

Training this Week

Tuesday’s training session took place at Shawnigan Lake Schools’ gymnasium and was a complete success. A big thank-you to Shawnigan Lake School for once again assisting to make things work in their community!

This Weekend’s Matches

Lots of rugby this weekend, home and away!

High School matches

Joe McGeachy Tournament:

Friday, Feb 28 & Saturday March 1st at Cowichan High School and Cowichan Rugby Club.

The full schedule is online

1st Division Women 

Saturday, March 1st:  Cowichan vs Meralomas @ Herd Rd. KO @ 11:30am (or after HS Girls games)

Men’s Rugby

Saturday, March 1st.

3rd Div. Men: Cowichan vs Velox at Wallace Field (U-Vic) KO @ 1pm

1st Div. Men: Cowichan vs Velox at Velox Field KO @ 3pm

Probably the biggest game of the year this weekend for the men down at Velox.

3rd Division Men

The 3rds are undefeated and will be taking on last years VIRU 3rd Div Champions, Velox, at Wallace Field.  I think we are playing at Wallace instead of Velox as the Velox Premier Women play Seattle Mudhens at home this weekend so arrangement were made to have the KO for this game at 1pm to accommodate the Seattle team.  All good, we just move 500 ft. over to the U-Vic fields. This will be the first game of the spring season for the Cowichan 2nd XV so the players are itching to go to battle.  We have some very talented players out this spring and many are pushing to position themselves on the 1st XV.  It should be a good match!

1st Division Men

The 1st XV take on the 1st Place Velox Valhallians at Velox Field at 3pm, Saturday.

Cowichan should be able to match up quite evenly with Velox all things being equal.  Velox beat visiting Port Alberni 37-19 last weekend, so considering play between the two clubs, things look about even with us defeating Port Alberni 43-18 a few weeks prior.

Velox will feature a few new players from when we played them in the fall (27-3 win for them), but generally it will be the same side with their top player, Aaron Frisby, playing at #10.

Our back row will be very mobile, and a key to the game is being able to defend the Velox ball distribution from their #8-#9-#10 combination.  Velox has a very good #8/Flanker/#10 combination who like to charge around and knock people over so that will be a challenge for Cowichan.

From the Velox writeup on BCRugby News, Velox is sporting a dangerous center, who is a local product, so our defenders will have their work cut out for them in this area.  We have added some weight to our tight five since we played them in the fall so there should be better balance in this area.  Cowichan should have a full squad out this weekend, something that escaped us in the fall match vs Velox when we had so many injuries.

Another interesting tidbit is that Mike Rea and Peter Budina are no longer classed as Imports after establishing themselves in the Valley for more than 4 years. Peter is back from injury and is a key addition to the side this Spring.

1st Division Women

The Women will host the Meralomas this weekend.  This will be the first game the ladies actually get to play this spring (we hope, touch wood and all that).  The ladies are very much looking forward to knocking out the cob webs and getting down to business.

Joe McGeachy Tournament

The 11th Annual will see a Friday/Saturday Rugbyfest at the Club and at Cowichan Secondary.  The men’s feature match on Friday will be Frances Kelsey vs Cowichan High School in the afternoon with a whole bunch of women’s matches taking place Friday and Saturday at both venues.  The full schedule is online.

Piggies Abroad

Cornish Pirates News: Following Cowichan’s Matt Evans.

From the Cornish Pirates Website:

“More Good News As Another 4 Sign New Contracts

Following last week’s announcement that a first five players have put pen to paper, thus contracting them beyond the end of this season, the Cornish Pirates can this week announce the names of four more players to have signed.

Those named last week were hookers Rob Elloway and Tom Channon (both 2 year contracts), centre Alex Dancer (1 year), and utility backs Kieran Goss and Mike Pope (both 2 years). 

With reference to the latest group of players to have signed, they are confirmed as utility back Matt Evans (1 year), full-back/wing Craig Holland, and back-rowers Joe Atkinson and Chris Morgan (all 2 years).

Canadian international Matt, aged 26, made his debut for the Pirates away to Munster ‘A’ in November, 2011. He has made 53 appearances for the Pirates and has been a prolific try-scorer, notching up an impressive 30 to his name…”


  • 1st Div Seattle RFC had 8 players invited to the US Eagles camp this past week.
  • VIRU meeting sometime in March will be held at the Rugby Canada Facility in Langford.  All welcome and encouraged to attend. The biggest agenda item is the Registration Issue.
  • Frances Kelsey HS had Gary Dukelow out this week as a “Guest Coach” last week they had Canadian International, Sean White out as a “Guest Coach” again. Craig Schmidt is doing a fantastic job coaching these kids with great assistance from Tom Foggarty.
  • Shawnigan Lake School Rugby will be off to Japan next week to participate in that big High School Tournament over there.
  • Cowichan Men are up to 49 players registered.  At this time last year, we had 29 players registered.  We’re doing something right with the numbers growing at almost 50%!

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