Doubleheader Weekend – Bayside Returns!

Piggies host Bayside this weekend in the first of two doubleheader weekends!

Games this weekend

  • 1st Division Women host Bayside Sharks, 11:15 am k/o
  • 1st Division Men host Bayside Sharks, 1:00 pm k/o

1st Division Men 43 – Port Alberni 33

  • The full slate of scorers is not available because Coach Boner had to ref the first half of the game and none of us though to record the details while he was busy.  Thanks Boner!

The Men’s first game got off, eventually, to a good start last weekend against the only other Island team in the division, Port Alberni.  The Sheep arrived with the bare minimum of players and Cowichan had bodies on the bench so we loaned them a couple to make the game competitive. 

Oh, and a miscommunication about the game time with the referee meant Boner ended up officiating the first half.  Fortunately, the assigned ref turned up in time for the second half.  Both teams took this hiccup in stride and played a clean half of rugby.  

The game was back and forth for the majority of the time, perhaps with Port having the territorial advantage for longer periods.  The Piggies, however, took advantage of turn overs when they came and jumped to an early lead.  Port slowly started closing the gap and eventually took the lead in the second half.  

Eventually the Piggies’ extra bodies and training started to take over.  Possession shifted in Cowichan’s favor and the boys started picking away at Port’s lead.  If it not for a few dropped balls and some heroic defence by Port, the gap in the score would have been greater.  

This weekend the Piggies face the big, talented Bayside.  This is the second match against the Sharks this season and the boys hope this one will be more evenly matched than the last.  Bayside is only one spot higher than Cowichan in the standings but the gap in points is pretty significant.  Bayside has a strong record of upsetting the home side – the boys will be looking to change that trend.  Kick off is 1:00 pm Saturday!

1st Division Women 10 – Comox 33

Cowichan Scorers:

  • Carolyn (don’t believe me when I say I’m retiring) Gudmundseth, 2 tries

The combined team of Cowichan-Westshore, or CowShore as they’d like to be known, went to Comox last weekend for their first game of 2019.  The side was made up of 9 Piggies and 6 WS players. The game was fairly even over all, with all the CowShore scoring happening in the first half.  The first half ended at 19-10 in Comox favor.

The second half was a battle back and forth for a solid 25 minutes.  Unfortunately, the Piggies lost Carolyn to briefly to injury, and during that time, Comox managed to punch in 2 more tries, making the final score 33-10.

This weekend, the ladies open up the doubleheader against Bayside.  The team is expecting to have a full side this weekend, and are looking forward to building on the positive aspects of last weekend.

Poker Night

Following the games tomorrow, the club will be hosting a poker night.  Stick around for some extra fun and games!  

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