Game Report – September 10, 2011

Cowichan Piggies [29 – 12] Nanaimo
Wayne Peace Game: Cowichan 30 vs Nanaimo 10

Wayne Peace Game

The “Wayne Team”, made up of old locals, came away with a 6 try to 2 try performance vs a team made up of Use-Too Bees and Ebb Tide folk. There weren’t many spares for the local team, so we borrowed 2-3 Ebb Tiders to help with subs as the heat did take it’s toll on some of us.

Great to see Dewie Griffiths out and he was up to hos old “charging around” tricks of past yore. Dewie, Mossy, Muck, Cone, Hitchy, Taffy, Blumer, Hop Sing, Dukes, Gordie, Uncle Mitch, Coos and the crafty Ian Murray made up the nucleus of the Cowichan oldsters.   Thanks Dave Valentine for the ref job!

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1st Division Men

Cowichan 29 vs Nanaimo 12

Pretty good game with Cowichan coming away with a good win.

Cowichan was in control for the most part, but there were some moments where Nanaimo looked very strong, in particular in the 1st 5 minutes and in the last 5 minutes, when the Hornets scored their two tries.

Game started off well for Cowichan who were able to pin Nanaimo down inside their 10m line for seemingly would appear to be an early score. Nanaimo secured the ball off a Cowichan “holding onto the ball” penalty, and were able to develop two or three phases off the ensuing line-out, which allowed Nanaimo’s #13, Ryan Bradley, to escape a tackle and scamper 40m. for the try under the posts. 7 minutes in, Cowichan was looking up at a 7 point deficit…..Not a good way to start…hoping to set the tone with an early tally only to come away down points.

The Piggies got their game together directly after the ensuing kick to Nanaimo. After a Nanaimo cough up, Cowichan’s forwards went to work keeping ball retention and putting some nice phases together to come away with a try under the posts by #8 Louis Gudmundseth. Score tied. Cowichan was able once again exert it’s strength in the forwards and quickly scored their second try (flanker Rob McDonnell) out in the corner. Convert went short so the score was 12-7 for Cowichan.

The rest of the first half Nanaimo was able to thwart the Cowichan pressure with strong tackling and aggressive play in the rucks and mauls. Cowichan was winning the war of attrition though, as Nanaimo was already deep into it’s bench after a combination of the heat and hard hits took it’s toll on the younger Nanaimo squad. Half ends with Cowichan up 12-7.

The second half started the same way the first did. Cowichan pressuring Nanaimo from all areas. Lots of strong running from Cowichan center, JT Rowbotham, set up many deep forays into the Nanaimo end as JT is always good through the first tacklers. Kelly “Sausage” Ferris was also playing well from the hooker position charging around and disrupting anything coordinated that Nanaimo through at the home side.

Cowichan came away with 3 more tries during the middle part of the second half. #9 Sean Williams, who played well throughout, scored a nice try after a strong charge by JT followed up by several pick and rolls by the forwards then an off load by prop, Scott McLeod to Williams who shot the gap and scampered in for the score.

Cowichan’s #10, Dean Robin, who also plays for the Cowichan Juniors, is starting to settle in at the position and managed a pretty good ball control game.

Iain Cox, also a young newcomer to Cowichan scored his first try from his fullback position and McLeod, capped of his strong performance with a try as well.

Cowichan put in 3 subs during the contest which saw Marvin Seymour (Ladysmith HS), Cam McCullogh (Cowichan HS) and Kim Anderton get some time in the game.

With score at 29-7 for Cowichan in the waning moments, Nanaimo was able to put some good rugby together and came away with a try at games end. Final was 29-12 and a bonus point win for Cowichan to go 2-0 on the season.

Next Game

Next up for Cowichan are the U-Vic Jutes in an away fixture at Wallace Field next weekend.

Still need more bodies out to training. We had a full bench on Saturday which was great. We still have a second team to fill, and would like the club to get up to 35-40 players to properly run 2 teams. We are currently getting 24-28 to training on Thursdays.

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