Game Report, September 17-18

Cowichan 63 vs U-Vic Jutes 8
Cowichan arrived at Wallace with 20 players ready to hit it up vs the Jutes, who, by the way , had over 30 players dressed for this game and a bunch more in civies watching!
The game started out slow for Cowichan but once the boys had settled in the tries kept piling up. All facets were well executed with strong games coming from center JT Rowbotham, hooker, Scott McLeod, #9, Kelly Ferris, #8 Rob McDonnell and Lock, Judsen Garside. The Moss brothers were also good together when on the field.
The Jutes were a match in the size department with several big boys in their line up. The Jutes were continually penalized for infractions in and around the breakdown. Seems as though they were unaware that coming in from the side, picking the ball up while on you knees in a ruck and killing ball in a variety of ways were fundamental no no’s in the sport. Nonetheless, despite the the disruptions, Cowichan took advantage and scored the 10 tries to 1 to win the game.
Watched a bit of the JBAA vs Velox Prems game and Velox were a bit outmatched in a lopsided scoreline there. The 1st Div encounter between the two Victoria clubs was a close affair with JBAA winning 27-23.
3rd Division Men

Steve Cowie has passed on the reins of the glorious thirds to Tom Fogarty, he was kind enough to keep us up to date on what has been happening with the team.

After a win against Peninsula (6 tries to 2) last week though the team was short players, the 3rds managed to scrape together a mixture of the elderly (Hoppsie and Coos) and some of the talented younger brethren, starting the game in Victoria against Castaway Wanderers with 16. Coos started as touch judge and after our captain (Tom) sustained a serious wound to his nose, he went on about the twenty minute mark to save the day.

The boys were down 21-15 to a speedy CW team with about fifteen minutes remaining, but the boys rallied and scored three unanswered tries to win 34-21. Rob Macdonald started the turnaround with a 60 yard romp and then we had Cam McCulloch and newcomer, Ian Cox crash over to compete the comeback.

Other tries were scored by Craig Inglis, Josh Pederson and Jamie Knowles with Ty Stoochnoff kicking two conversions. We play at home against Courtenay next Sunday and will need to get more players out if we are to field a competitive side against them.

Unfortunately, Cowichan had to call off our Junior U-19 Men’s fixture with JBAA due to lack of players. Cowichan is only getting 10 players out to training this fall. There is talk now that if the numbers do not improve in short order, the Cowichan program will be canceled for this fall. The coaches and managers, all volunteers, are tired of chasing down players to come and play. So it’s up to the players and others themselves to start showing up or the once mighty Cowichan Junior program will be without a U-19 Men’s team in over 25 years. With the pullout of Nanaimo and Comox in the last week and now maybe Cowichan, Junior rugby on the Island will take a significant hit.  5 players on the most recent Canada U-20 team were graduates of the Cowichan Junior program – let’s keep this impressive record going.

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