Split Decision

The Piggies hosted Bayside last weekend and came away with a split decision.

1st Division Women 28 – Bayside 19

Cowichan Scorers:
Tyson Beukeboom – 2 tries
Carolyn Gudmundseth – 2 tries
Hannah McKevitt – 4 converts

Tyson scored her tries with quick decision making off of penalties and Carolyn used her undying speed to run her tries in from outside the 22 m.  The focus at practice going into this game was organizing our forwards and working on catching and passing at pace. The players have been really diligent about making individual and team goals for each game and it is working in their favour.

The ladies have byes the next two weekends and then resume with a home game against Castaway-Wanderers at Westshore on the 22nd of February.

1st Division Men 12 – Bayside 65

Cowichan Scorers:
Dylan Taylor – 1 try
Noah Dobson – 1 try
Owen Woods – 1 convert

In the second game of the double header last weekend, visitors Bayside showed why they are reigning BC Champions.

You’ll recall the biblical rain storm last Friday night.  Though Piggy Park remained open, the highway through Westholme (via Duke Point was closed) due to flooding so the first order of the day was to work with Bayside to get them to the park.  Once that was sorted, the rugby playing could begin.

The Piggies came out strong against the Sharks, but a few mishaps and the reigning BC Champions made the young Piggies side pay, and often.  The Piggies stuck in, and earned a well worked try right before half by youngster Dylan Taylor.  An auspicious start for young Dylan – his first senior try in his first senior start! 

The second half was a mixed bag for the Piggies.  One the one hand, they held Bayside to less points, on the other, it was still too many to too few.  A positive was the second half ended with a good ol’fashion smash the line forwards try by Noah Dobson.

The Piggies will travel to Comox tomorrow for a match against the Kickers.  Ostensibly a third division match, this match will be a good opportunity for the new young players to get meaningful game time at a slightly different pace then the last couple of games.

Piggy Park never closes 

Owing to field closures in Victoria, Piggy Park will host Castaway-Wanderers and Nanaimo Hornets for their Women’s, Premier Reserve and Premier matches tomorrow. Kick-off is 11:15 am, 12:45 pm, and 2:30 pm respectively.  The house will be open and the fire lit for those who’d like to see a bit of rugby…  even if isn’t the black and green.

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