Wayne Peace Game, September 10th – Updated

This Saturday, September 10, Cowichan RFC will be hosting the Wayne Peace Memorial Game at the Piggie Dome.  This features a team made up those who “played with Wayne” vs the Nanaimo Used-To-Bees.  So anyone who suited up with Wayne is welcome to come and play.  This game will be followed up by the regularly scheduled 1st Division Game between the Nanaimo Hornets and Cowichan Piggies.

WAYNE GAME kicks off at 1pm and there will be a nominal fee which will get you a shirt and delicious roasted pig from the spit.

WHERE: Cowichan RFC, 1860 Herd Rd., Duncan, B.C.
WHEN: Saturday, September 10, 2011. KO at 1pm. Players show up at 12:30 to get organized.
HOW: Over 40 Rules. Nanaimo vs Cowichan 1st Division Game to KO at 2:30pm (a change from the normal 1pm time) – right after Wayne Game.

This is the 5th Annual Wayne match and we are hoping to see the guys who played with him to come out and play in the fun, yet competitive game in his honor.  Wayne was a fixture on the successful Crimson Tide and BC Men’s teams of the 90’s.  Wayne played for Nanaimo up until the early 90’s then made his way down to Cowichan where he anchored Cowichan’s front row during the 2 Rousefell Cup years in ’97 and ’98.  Wayne’s last BC Championship game was in 2005 when he played for Cowichan in the BC 3rd Div. Final.

It has also been reported that Nanaimo has solicited the help from the Ebb Tide to play Cowichan’s old guys. They want to win and figure with the Ebb Tide bolstering the Use-To-Bee’s numbers, they will have the game in the bag.
Players to look out for in the Nanaimo vs Cowichan 1st div. game which follows the Wayne Game are:
For Nanaimo: Dennis Murphy (former (always a) Piggie) starting at #10

For Cowichan: Hard hitting, JT Rowbotham is back in the centers. Dan James and Scott McLeod, former National Junior players in the front row, Kelly “Sausage” Ferris, out of Chemainus, starting at Hooker, Judsen Garside in the 2nd row, the Gudmundseth brothers, one in the forwards one in the backs, Sean Williams, youngster from Francis Kelsey will be at #9.

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